Thursday, April 23, 2009

Is there a Support Group for Cats out there???

So my youngest cat has a problem. It's a pretty big problem actually. He seems to be addicted to something..and he can't get it off his mind. I think he will need some professional help to get over this addiction..

This addiction is not to Catnip as you might think.. He is addicted to.. Toilet Paper.. Yes, go ahead and laugh .. I'll wait..... all done ok, on with the story!

So we keep the cats food and extra toilet paper in the cabinet under the bathroom sink.. Which looks like this
So the other day I hear bang bang bang at like 4 in the morning. so I go to see what the noise is Gumba trying to get in the cabinet. I figure you have to actually pull this open so there is no way he will be able to actually get in there. But as you can see I did put some hair bands on the handle so he would not continue to bang bang bang while i'm trying to sleep.

Yesterday I came home from work and went to open the door to feed them dinner and I find this..

The little stinker somehow got in the cabniet while I was at work, did not touch the bag of kitty food only decided to destry about 4 rolls of toliet paper..

I swear he is lucky he is sooo cute!

Don't let the cuteness fool you.. He can sure cause some trouble ! Good thing I love him so much!

Monday, April 20, 2009

I Heart Faces - Self Portrait

This weeks Theme is Self Portrait.. I have the perfect picture for this one..

I think this is the best Self Portrait that I have ever taken.. For more Self Portraits head on over to I <3 Faces this week..

Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Friends an I <3 Faces Entry..

This week is Friends..

This weeks Entry is my Boyfriend Damien and his very best Friend Johnny.. In fact Damien is Johnny's Best Man for his Wedding in September..

To see more Friends and I pictures .. head on over to


Thursday, April 2, 2009

Working Late..

Today I have to work late. Nope was not a planned working late day, Someone called in sick and when there is just 4 people 2 of which are part time in your department, things like that happen. The girl who called in was very sick and a good friend of mine so I don't mind to much.

It was going to be a 9am-9pm day, However the other Fulltime person said he would work half of it so I only am supposed to be here until 7pm, which is not too bad.. The thing that kinda gets me though, I am going to call my Coworker DP.. DP said if he was working the night shift tonight he was going to leave early and then come in at 5 when I left.

Because he had some "errands" he had to do.. which is fine..But he's is covering the 7-9 shift only and i'm going to be here until 7.. He still left early..even though he could have left at 4:30 5:00 and got what he needed to get done and probably be back by 7 to relive me.. Me I've been here since 9am and I am working until 7 and I did not leave early at all. Not that I have anywhere to go. Just the principle of the situation.

Over the summer we cut way back at work, and I am one of about 25 people who got to keep their jobs out of like 60. There used to be 2 full time people, plus a full time Manager, plus 3 part timers in my customer service department. Now we are down to 4 people 2 of which are part time and do not work everyday.

So that was a big cutback, but honestly some of the people we had we really did not need. We are working fine on the people that we have now, Until one of us gets sick then it all goes downhill.

I was doing all the work, now I get some help but still do the majority. But the way I see it is as long as the people who matter know I do all the work, That is all I need. They know how hard a worker I am and that I pretty much run the department,If I am sick and call off I will get a call at least 2 times. Which means I am important. Which is fine, I have had so many jobs that I try my best and get Shit on, Now I finally feel appresiated and love my job!

Gonna go try to figure out a way to stick a video walkthrough of my Job on a post.. Not sure how to post videos yet but i'm sure I will figure it out..


Wednesday, April 1, 2009

My Favorite People ..

I think I am going to try to do at least 1 picture post a week. This week is My Favorite People..

First of Course is My Love Damien.. This was taken on his 30th Birthday this case you can't tell by all the 30's hanging around.. :o)

Next The rest of my Family : This is a fairly old picture..

My Girls : This is a pic of my favorite Girls, we usually do a girls night once a month which is nice. From Left to Right Bottom: Carrie, Becky (my cousin) Top : Patty (my cousin and Bestest Friend) , Me .. This was taken almost 2 years ago now at Patty sisters wedding.

Damien's Family : Taken Christmas 2008

I don't think I have mentioned this in the past posts, but Damien and his Best Friend Johnny are in a Hip Hop Band called Askew's Livematic Vibes, They rap over a live 3 man band (Drums,Bass and Guitar) . Not the crap you hear on the radio though more Conscious stuff that is not about drugs and thugs and whatever other crap they play on the radio.. I have never missed a show of theirs, I can't I'm the photographer!

My Brother Ron and his Girlfriend Heather : before her prom May of 2007

I guess that is all the pictures I have for today.. Stay tuned for more Picture Wednesday Posts!

Shelly <3