Friday, October 30, 2009

Happy Friday!!

So I am happy again this Friday. Our Friends from PA are coming back up this weekend, and I get to take Lexi Trick or Treating. It's going to be so much Fun! I can not wait to see her little face again!

In other News on the way to work this morning we stop at Dunkin Donuts, because well it's friday and why not! And we see this on the way to work right on the side of the road chomping on a apple.

Sorry if the picture is a little blury it was from the car window with my iphone and I enlarged it a bit.. She was just sitting there chomping away happily on an apple. Such a nice thing to see on the way into work. As long as she did not dart in the middle of the street that is!

Happy Friday and Happy Halloween to everyone else in Bloggyland and Look for some new pictures of my weekend next week!

Shelly <3

Thursday, October 29, 2009

You Capture - Autumn


Over at I should be folding laundry this weeks "You Capture" is Autumn. I took these pictures this morning with my iphone from my top porch. So the pictures are not the best quality as they could be..Been a little busy this week! But anywho.. What says Autumn more then colorful leaves on the trees outside? I'm sure pretty soon it will start to snow, but I am enjoying our not so bad Fall right now. The temps have been pretty good the last week or so..

Head on over to I should be folding laundry for more You Capture - Autumn Fun!

Shelly <3

Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Take me Back Tuesday

This Picture of the Customer Service Department taken at my work for a Company flyer back in 2007.. as you can see I was the only girl and still am. However from all those people there is only me, the guy behind me and the guy on the far right in the front with the striped shirt on left at the company. Everyone else was either fired or let go.. 1 for watching porn on the job.. yup you read that right. My old boss apparently watched porn in his office all day. No wonder I was doing all the work! Another was let go for stealing from the company, he was my coworker, I found out and had to turn him in...It sucked but you can't steal thousands of dollars from a trusting company and get away with it. the other's were just let go because of hard times last year.. Now my department is run by me and the 1 other guy during the day. It was quite stressful for a time but we have it all worked out now..

Shelly <3

Monday, October 26, 2009

Great Weekend! - Caution Picture Overload!

This weekend was Great. As I said last week our Friends from PA came up this weekend to surprise me. Which was great, Lexi was so excited to see me. She was practically attached to me all weekend. But that's ok. I love her so much! We took her to Explore and More, A children s Hands on type of museum and she loved it. It was really pretty cheap too. It cost $5 but it was free if you were on WICC. Which Michelle was so all 6 of us got in for free! Then later that night we went to the Circus as it just happened to be in town this weekend. We had awesome seats for just buying them the night before. We were 5 rows up from the bottom right where they all came out. And then on Sunday we took her to a bounce house here called Bounce Magic, Kids were $10 adults free. She LOVED IT. All in all a great weekend. Can't wait 4 more days until they return for Halloween! Enjoy some of the great pics I got!


Circus Pictures

Awesome Weekend!

Shelly <3