Monday, October 26, 2009

Great Weekend! - Caution Picture Overload!

This weekend was Great. As I said last week our Friends from PA came up this weekend to surprise me. Which was great, Lexi was so excited to see me. She was practically attached to me all weekend. But that's ok. I love her so much! We took her to Explore and More, A children s Hands on type of museum and she loved it. It was really pretty cheap too. It cost $5 but it was free if you were on WICC. Which Michelle was so all 6 of us got in for free! Then later that night we went to the Circus as it just happened to be in town this weekend. We had awesome seats for just buying them the night before. We were 5 rows up from the bottom right where they all came out. And then on Sunday we took her to a bounce house here called Bounce Magic, Kids were $10 adults free. She LOVED IT. All in all a great weekend. Can't wait 4 more days until they return for Halloween! Enjoy some of the great pics I got!


Circus Pictures

Awesome Weekend!

Shelly <3


  1. adorable, i love the princess crown! looks like you girls had a lot of fun :)

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