Saturday, September 25, 2010

Makes me wonder...

Lately I have been getting alot of compliments on my photography. I don't  charge anyone as I just do it for fun and i'm not that good. But alot of people have suggested maybe I should. 

I would need a better camera, but I take some pretty good one's with the one I have now..

Our Friend just got married and was gushing over the pictures I took, also my cousin got married and told me my pictures are better then the paid photographer. 

Here are a couple of the most recent photos.. My Fiance just had a show last night. they do Hip Hop with a 3 man band behind them. Here is their bassist and Guitar player..

Their Drummer
My Guy
Our Friends from PA came to visit here is beautiful Lexi

Our Friends Zoe and Jesse got Married

and my cousin melissa got married

What do you all think of the quality of these photos, you can be honest. None of these are edited in any way. So I am sure they can be better. 

Really makes me think if I should try to get a better camera and make a career out of this picture taking thing. I really think I would enjoy it!

Til Next Time

Shelly <3

Monday, September 20, 2010

Buffalo Zoo - September 2010

I have always loved Animals. I was the type of kid who would find an animal outside and bring it home. I got a kitten trick or treating one year... We went out for candy of course and brought home more then we thought. 

I have to admit my mom was very open to animals, she may have said no at first but she almost always caved. She always told me I would bring home a skunk if she let me.

That said I think animals are amazing, you have no idea what they are thinking but sometimes they do something that is so human like or funny and you just wish you knew what they were thinking. My Cat's have 3 of the biggest personality ever. But I found animals at the Zoo give just as much sometimes. 

Take this polar bear. It was like he was putting on a show. He would walk back and forth, the dive in his pool. Then pop his head up at the side. Backstroke, side stroke and dive again. It was hilarious.

I got some great pics of this guy just hanging out.

We walked up to the Hyenas and I just said wonder where they are? Then 2 come galloping down to the glass.
They really look like Big Dogs, but they have jaws of steel, as said by the sign on their enclosure.

The Lemurs are always funny. You never know what they are going to be doing. This time it was time for Lemur exercising.. at least that's what it looks like to me..

The Monkeys were so funny. There were 2 T-Shirts in their cage, one of the monkeys put a shirt on and was jumping around, Unfortunately I did not get any really good one;s but here is what I did get.

There is a monkey in there. The camera focused on the fence and not the monkey

Another monkey was trying to grab a stick through the fence and drag it in..

By far the best was the Gorilla's. The Glass is thick for obvious reasons, and not the clearest, but I think I got  a couple of the best pictures ever..

It look's like he is looking right at me

Another great visit to the zoo..

Til next time

Shelly <3

Saturday, September 18, 2010


I went to the buffalo zoo today with some friends. I will share more tomorrow but I wanted to share the best picture ever!

More Tommrow!

Shelly <3

Thursday, September 16, 2010

The Kitty Stampede..

So everyday when I feed the cats we have the Kitty Stampede.. I thought it would be funny to capture exactly what they do everyday. You would think that they never get fed from the way they react. Or they just love this food? Any one else have crazy pets??

til next time

Shelly <3

Wednesday, September 15, 2010

2 Days...

In 2 days (Friday afternoon around 4 to be exact) Our friends from PA are coming to visit! I can not wait! I love them all so much and have not seen them in about a year. They are staying until Sunday most likely. Michelle has work Monday and Lexi Kindergarten, so it will be a short visit. But a visit none the less!

Michelle ( same age as me well almost her birthday is in November)

My Mom met them online, at and she became really good friends with them last year. I went down with her to PA last September to meet them and we all just hit it off so well. We are long lost family. Seems like we were meant to meet.

and this little girl above is my heart! I love her so much.. She calls me "Her" Shelly. And from the moment they get here she will be attached to my side. I don't mind, I'm kinda fond of this little munchkin.

So that means come Monday I should have lots and lots of pictures to share. Since it is still pretty nice out, we are planning on taking them to the Buffalo Zoo, possibly the Science Museum and anything else we can squeeze in. Last year they came for Halloween and it was really cold out by then so we couldn't do much outside. We went to the aquarium the last time, the bounce house and Chuck E Cheese.

I also plan on taking her to the park to play maybe picking up Sam and take them both, they are around the same age with Sam being a little older.

Look next week for lots of fun photos!

til next time

Shelly <3

Sunday, September 12, 2010

I Heart Faces - Vroom, Vroom

This week at I heart faces the theme is "Vroom Vroom" you must include a vehicle in your photo, along with a human face of course.

This was taken when we were leaving the beach this summer. Sam Is a BIG girl (don't you know) she can climb up on the car and climb thru the back window into her seat on her own, who needs doors when you have a big open window? Crazy 5 year olds.

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Tuesday, September 7, 2010

I Heart Faces - My Summer in photos

This week at I heart faces, is a week off, which means that you can post more then one picture for this entry, and its just for fun no judging. So this summer was a little different for me. I became Unemployed for the first time in 10 yrs, the Friday of July 4th.

Before I got "Laid-off" One very good thing happened this summer, well besides me turning 30, we will just forget about that. I finally after almost 10 yrs together got engaged!! Yea!!!

We had our annual summer picnic the Saturday after I got "laid-off".

My 3 little Cousins

 We have it at Carrie's club. She is an archer. Last year she taught us all how to shoot arrows. This year we got taught how to shoot a rifle.. Kinda.. Here I am trying..
I didn't do too bad for my first time

Then Damien's Cousin Got Married. It was a beautiful day outside and that's a good thing as they got married in a park!
Mr and Mrs. Battle

I also went to the beach for the first time in years!
Lovely HOT sand.. we had to walk thru of sand dune to get to the beach

We had a Cookie snack on the beach
                                                     I saw Samantha's 2nd dance recital!

She would be the one on the far left
check out the moves this kid has? lol..

Saw Fireworks and actually got some good pictures..

                                       A couple weeks ago my cousin also got married
The Bride and her Dad walking down the isle
Feeding Cake to each other
Mr and Mrs Homway
Basically been spending time with my best friends and family.. don't know what I would do without these guys!
From Left to Right: Bottom: Me and Becky behind me is Carrie then Stephanie and last but no least Patti.

Summer has been good all things considering. I am so ready to go back to work though, I hope I find something soon. In the meanwhile I will take the fun times when they come.. and be there for my girls as they are there for me!

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