Monday, January 23, 2012

Still Hanging out..

Had another doctors appointment today. Baby Girl is still hanging out.. It's close.. Just waiting on her now.. They did an sonogram and she is in the right position, Has the perfect amount of fluid around her still and is just kinda hanging out there.. She can come at any time. But I do have an appointment scheduled for the 31st if she doesnt make her appearance before then. 

At that point we will talk about induction, Just hoping she comes before that though. I would much rather her come on her own.. Like Now would be good. I can not really complain I have had a easy pregnancy, but am getting more uncomfortable by the day as she gets lower and lower.
Come on Baby Girl! You can do it.. Come on into this world, Mama and Daddy are ready for you as is both your Grandmas and everyone else waiting on you too.

Fingers crossed its within the next couple days, I really want to see what she looks like and hold my little princess..
I'll keep you all updated!

<3 Shelly

Friday, January 20, 2012

Still No Baby

Just a quick update, No Baby yet.. Guess she will come when she is ready.. Which I hope is soon.. The wait is now driving me crazy! lol.. Though she does have 8 more days til her due date.. I just know she will come sooner though.. When that is nobody knows but her..

Its just a waiting game now.....

Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Almost Time

38 weeks and 3 days.. Can you believe it. Almost through.. I went to the doctors today and I am 60% thinned out and baby is in a head down -2 station.. So that pretty much means she can come whenever she feels like it..

To say I am excited is an understatement.. I am so ready for her to be here. I feel different physically this week then I did last week, so I really do not think it will be too long..

I know this is short but I will be sure to update more if anything exciting happens..
Til Next Time..

<3 Shelly

Friday, January 6, 2012


Well Hello 2012.. 

I decided to start off 2012 with a Head Cold.. Luckily it only lasted really 2 days and 1 of those days were the worst then I started feeling better. Which was good because you really can not take much being 9 months pregnant. I suffered through with no medicine. 

This is the fastest I ever got over a cold too, Usually it lasts forever with me, I don't get sick often but when I do it usually hits me hard. I started feeling it Monday Night and here it is Friday and I am feeling almost normal.

Had another doctors appointment today, everything still great. She was moving around all over while they tried to listen to her heart. The Doctor was laughing, saying she does not like to be pushed

3 more weeks and she should be here, unless she is early or late. I hope she is on time though, I can not wait to meet her.

Tonight is Damien's holiday work party, We did not go last year we were still a little bitter from me getting fired/Laid off for no reason. But I am over that now, might as well have a nice night out on their dime and enjoy a good dinner, Might be the last time in a while we get to do that.

I also have a girls night scheduled for tomrrow, we try to get together at least once a month or every couple months, so this should be my last once til the baby is born also. Then Sunday my little cousin Samantha Turns 7! Well on the 10th she does but her party is Sunday. I cannot believe she is 7, I remember her like this..
Sam at 2
And Now she is so big!
Sam at 6
Where has the time gone??

We got the Crib and Dresser delivered yesterday, now Damien has to put it together.. Here is a sneak peak of some of the things we have done.. It is a bit different now, Damien thought there was too much pink in there so he changed a couple walls but I do not have pictures of that yet.

The Start.. It was actually Blue to start with but I did not get a picture of that.. this is the walls primed white

The top half..

The Top is Shrimp the bottom Watermelon Slice
It is a bit differant now, It has a brown wooden border in the middle, and 2 walls are now Brown also with some pooh characters up.. I will get updated pictures soon and post those.. but here is the start..

Well I guess that is it for now.. Will update soon!

<3 Shelly