Tuesday, September 3, 2013

Baby Pics!! I know it's been Forever!!

HI All,
 Yes I am still alive, it is hard to write when I have a full time job and baby, actually she is now more of a toddler!! How the heck did that happen so quick?? I have a quick minute so I wanted to do a quick update with some pics!

Hopefully blogger will cooperate this time, I tried about a month back and  it wouldnt let me update any pics..

This Girl Here is 19 Months old already!! can you believe it!?!?!

She is a walking, talking Toddler now!

She Has a Best Friend that we play with Weekly.. They are about the cutest things ever together!

she is my Life

She's Silly And Beautiful.. and Smart!

Also Very Adventurous

 She has a little Cousin who is 2 1/2 months younger then she is, however he is bigger then her now.. She is still a peanut!!

She is very outgoing, friendly, and not scared of much.. and still looks alot like her daddy..

Well that is all I can update for now, as a certain peanut is demanding to get out of her high chair!! I promise to update more frequently!!

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