Wednesday, August 31, 2011


I think our vision is going... He has stopped eating really not moving much. It's sad, we have brought him to the vet and they gave me some IV fluids to give him at home, last time he got those at the vet it did wonder's for about a week then he went downhill quick. 

we are doing all we can for him, feeding him babyfood on the vets advise, he eats a tiny bit then doesn't want anymore.. he is so weak he doesn't walk far before he lays down.. We are trying to prepare ourselves for the day he leaves us and just loving him the best we can.

I am not sure how much I believe in a higher power.. but if you do please pray for our little guy..

Shelly <3

Friday, August 26, 2011

This and That Post

What has been going on in my life.. Nothing much, Anxiously awaiting September 7th so we can find out if The baby is a boy or girl.. Me and Damiens Mom are guessing Girl , My mom and Damien are saying Boy. We shall see who is

Speaking of baby, it has a nice strong heartbeat found right away which is always nice. I was asked at my last appointment if I am feeling any movement yet.. Honestly Being my first I'm not sure.. Some people say it feels like gas bubbles or something similar.. I think that last couple days I have.. But not positive.. Looking forward to that sonogram on the 7th to try to confirm these movements..

 Other then that, One of our cats are sick, which is hard.. I took him to the vet last week and the doctor felt all around him, he did not feel anything abnormal, at all.. He is a confusing case.. He purrs, He comes when you call him, but he is really weak you can see it in him..and he was throwing up all he ate.  He stopped eating all together a couple weeks ago and we did not think he was going in his litter box at all.. 

Then I took him to the vet last Friday. we had to take him in, we can't just let him waste away to nothing, He was our first kitty and he is so good, he is family and it kills us to see him like this. The doctor said he was dehydrated and gave him some fluids under his skin and for almost a week it did wonders for him, That night he was more active, he was eating again, not as much as before but still a lot more then the week before.. He began to explore around the house again and even was looking like his old self.. Then Thursday night he started throwing up again, and now he is laying around again not doing much and getting weaker.. tho he still purrs.. I'm going to call the vet Monday and see if they are willing to give him more fluids, without charging me for a office visit along with the fluids..

an office visit alone is $48 alone and unfortunately we just do not have that extra money.. But we can't let vision just waste away either.. So It's hard, Just hoping our guy gets better..

Other then that I am actually starting to look pregnant.  If dumb blogger would let me upload some pictures I would, but it is giving me issues with pictures for some reason.. I will try again later..

Til Next Time <3

Tuesday, August 23, 2011

17 weeks 3 days

Just had my next Doctors appointment. Everything went very good. No new pictures this time, but the heartbeat is nice and strong at 156- found right away..

On September 7th .. Aprox 2 weeks we finally go for our sonogram to find out if it is a boy or Girl.. 

My mom is saying Boy, Damiens Mom is saying Girl..Well one of them are 

I don't care either way as long as it is healthy and so far so good.

I would love a little girl to dress up and do their hair, but would not be disappointed with a little boy either. I just want to know either way so we can pick our name and go register for our shower in November..

I will be sure to let you all know what the baby is Boy or Girl.. and post the pictures we get!

Til Next Time

Shelly <3

Monday, August 22, 2011

I Heart Faces - Pets

I Heart Faces - Pets
It's been awhile since I entered a I heart Faces week, but I always have a picture or two of my Cats. Silly Gumba our youngest of the three cats that we have loves shoes.. He always claims one of my shoes as a pillow..
Head over to I Heart Faces for more Pet Photo Fun!

Shelly <3

Monday, August 1, 2011

People have no Respect

So there has been a string of vandalizing cars going around the neighborhood and last night they hit our street and of course Our car was one of them.

We now have a 1999 White Nissan Maxima, imagine Damien's shock when he goes to leave for work around 8:30 this morning and there is Blue Sharpie written all over our car. The hood, the trunk, the top of the car and across the Drivers Side they Write F*** You.. Though there were no stars on the car.. the whole damn word was written. And to make matters worse they flattened 2 of our tires.

One of which we just bought brand new last week.. So not a good morning at all. I will add the pics so you guys can see once I can get them off my phone and onto my computer.. It basically looked like a big V and a C, I have no idea who has been doing these things but it hit a neighboring street last week.

Luckily it was marker and not spray paint as some others got. We were able to get the marker off with some nail polish remover and the power of the Mr. Clean Magic Eraser. however it did cost us $150 that we really did not have to spend on 2 new *used* tires. 
It really aggravates me that people have no respect for other peoples property. We don't bother anyone and we work, well currently Damien works hard for the little bit of money that we do have. We did try to file a police report but they already had one filed, so either a cop came down the street and saw it or someone else called it in. I also called my insurance but only having liability it wasn't covered, and even if we did have it covered the deductible would have been more then the 2 tires cost.

So we just have to count it as a loss and go on, I really hope no one messes with our car again, not only will Damien go crazy on someone, we really have no extra money now for new tires.. Our poor  car just minding it's own business in front of our house.. 

I really hope they find this people and do something to them, I guess about 20 cars around the street were vandalized last night, last week a bunch on my cousins street luckily hers was spared...its disheartening to know there are people out there that just do not care. It was bad enough they wrote on the car and flattend 2 tires, did they really have to write swear words on it too, Thank Goodness we were able to get it off, who wants to drive around in a car with F*** You written on the side...

All is fixed for now.. I just hope it never happens again..



Today 8/8/11, I received a knock at my door, and there stood a detective.. He told me they have caught the kids who vandalized my car last week. I say Kids because it is being handed in Family Court and the paper I signed did state they were juveniles. How old exactly I am not sure, I am guessing teenagers at least. There were 2 of them, and I will have to go to family court whenever they do their case. I am guessing there are plenty other people that will be there too as they hit like 20 cars in the neighborhood. It is possible I may be able to get the money back we spent on the new tires, that would make me happy. and maybe just maybe these kids learned that vandalizing cars maybe was not such a good idea and this will scare them straight.  If I could get my money back for those tires I would be happy. That is really all I want. Yay! Justice has been served..