Friday, August 26, 2011

This and That Post

What has been going on in my life.. Nothing much, Anxiously awaiting September 7th so we can find out if The baby is a boy or girl.. Me and Damiens Mom are guessing Girl , My mom and Damien are saying Boy. We shall see who is

Speaking of baby, it has a nice strong heartbeat found right away which is always nice. I was asked at my last appointment if I am feeling any movement yet.. Honestly Being my first I'm not sure.. Some people say it feels like gas bubbles or something similar.. I think that last couple days I have.. But not positive.. Looking forward to that sonogram on the 7th to try to confirm these movements..

 Other then that, One of our cats are sick, which is hard.. I took him to the vet last week and the doctor felt all around him, he did not feel anything abnormal, at all.. He is a confusing case.. He purrs, He comes when you call him, but he is really weak you can see it in him..and he was throwing up all he ate.  He stopped eating all together a couple weeks ago and we did not think he was going in his litter box at all.. 

Then I took him to the vet last Friday. we had to take him in, we can't just let him waste away to nothing, He was our first kitty and he is so good, he is family and it kills us to see him like this. The doctor said he was dehydrated and gave him some fluids under his skin and for almost a week it did wonders for him, That night he was more active, he was eating again, not as much as before but still a lot more then the week before.. He began to explore around the house again and even was looking like his old self.. Then Thursday night he started throwing up again, and now he is laying around again not doing much and getting weaker.. tho he still purrs.. I'm going to call the vet Monday and see if they are willing to give him more fluids, without charging me for a office visit along with the fluids..

an office visit alone is $48 alone and unfortunately we just do not have that extra money.. But we can't let vision just waste away either.. So It's hard, Just hoping our guy gets better..

Other then that I am actually starting to look pregnant.  If dumb blogger would let me upload some pictures I would, but it is giving me issues with pictures for some reason.. I will try again later..

Til Next Time <3

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