Thursday, August 27, 2009

You Capture Entry!


I just stumbled upon another great Photography weekly contest. At the blog so I thought I would try my hand at this one too. The Subject is Food..

We were at the fair last week and I took this picture of a bunch of lemons while we were waiting for our yummy lemonade.. Lemons do count as food right?

Shelly <3

Monday, August 24, 2009

I heart Faces - Nostaglia Photo

This week at I heart Faces it's Nostaglia week. I have decided to enter this picture of Damien and our White Cat Gumba when I first brought him home. Gumba was only 2 months old when we got him, he is now over a year old. See the other 2 cats (we have 3 in total) are attached to me,I have cuddled them since they were kittens and they follow me around the house, Esp. my Black Cat Vision. So when we got Gumba Damien wanted so badly for one of them to be attached to him instead of me. So I backed off on the automatic cuddle time and let him bond with him first. And what do you know it worked. Gumba Loves Damien..and Damien Loves him.. This is the first picture I took of them "Bonding"

Head on over to for more Nostalgia Photos..there are some really great one's as always at I heart Faces!

Shelly <3

Friday, August 21, 2009

Baby Cows,Tiger's and Sea Lions. Oh My! (Pictures now added)

Ok... It really goes Lions and Tigers and Bears oh my, however I saw no Lions nor Bears. But I did see an awesome Sea Lion Show, A Tiger Show and A Baby Cow being born at the Erie County Fair yesterday.

It was an awesome day at the fair with my mom. Me and my mom go to the fair every year and this was no exception. We always enjoy the MOOturnity ward. Basically it's the part of the fair with all the animals and Baby animals. There were piglets and about 6 or 7 baby cows that have already been born throughout the week. When we looked at the end of the barn type area, we saw a VERY pregnant Cow in a big pen by herself and people gathered around. We always ohh and ahh over the babies but have never experienced seeing one actually being born. So we stuck around, for an hour!

But it paid off we saw our first ever Calf Birth, it wasn't very pretty but amazing all the same. her name is Amy and she was born at 5:15 pm, the owners of the mother cow was telling everyone what was going on and answering question, they said the could look totally different from the mom but this baby looked exactly like her mom.

The seal lion show was next, it was awesome. I have some great pictures of them too that I will post later. They dunked a basket, they did the conga,they caught rings on their head. Just generally entertaining.

Then we ate walked around some and came back for the Tiger Show. Again I have some pictures that I will add later. But they had I think 7 tigers that they raised since they were babies. They were so cool. They had white tigers, orange and black tiger and a Tabby Tiger. All of them were Bengals and you could see they loved their trainer very much. It was so cool to see a guy running around inside the cage with them playing around. The youngest tiger Nina had a mind of her own but still followed the trainers direction.. just in her own way.

All those shows were free. I think we ended up spending a total of like $50 for the whole afternoon, we got there around 3pm and left about 9pm when it started to pour. So really not bad for a whole day at the fair.

I'll add the pictures later they will make this post so much better!

Shelly <3

Monday, August 17, 2009

American Idol Live 2009

The American Idol Concert was Awesome! Best Concert yet, Esp. Since I got to meet Kris Allen, Matt and Allison and also got the 3 of them to sign my CD cover! There was not one bad performance and we had amazing seats. Here are some great Pictures I took!

Adam Lambert:

Adam and Allison - Slow Ride

Anoop Desai

Danny Gokey

Group Shot

Kris Allen

Me and Kris Allen!!!


Matt Giraud

Me and Matt Giraud!!

Megan Joy - She is Beautiful!

Scott McIntyre - Who says being mostly blind has to stop you from doing anything??

Scott and Matt Dueling Pianos

Thanks Mom, It was a Awesome Time!

Best Show Ever! Can't wait for Next year!

Shelly <3

Friday, August 14, 2009

Photography on the Brain

Ever Since I have gotten really into Photography I find myself looking at things from another prospective. Oh that could be a cool picture pops up in my head daily. So much so Damien told me this morning I should just take me camera with me whenever I can since I say it so much.. :O) ..

I have also discovered Clouds are awesome to take pictures of, they don't wiggle or try to get away from the camera, they just stay in the sky begging for their picture to be taken, and I will be happy to be the one who does.. I have taken a couple cool shots today but have them on the camera and not the computer yet.

However here is one I took with my phone.

No I was not driving when I took it, Damien was!

In other news the American Idol Live Concert is tomorrow night and I can't wait to snap some pictures and hear them sing of course!

Shelly <3

Tuesday, August 11, 2009

I heart Faces - Silly Faces and Pets

This week is silly faces and pets at I heart Faces.

First my Silly Face Entry.

and for my Pets Entry.

I am going outside my norm of Cats and My mom's dog to this Lemur @ our local zoo here in buffalo. This picture has to be over 5 years old but still love it to this day. It was very hot out when we went to the zoo and I loved that this little lemur was just chilling on a rock looking very human like.
What do you think?

Head on over to for more Silly and Pet pictures!

Shelly <3

Monday, August 10, 2009

Need Help Decideing..

So, I do I heart Faces entries every week. This week is silly face and Pets. But the Pets doesn't really have to be a pet, more of an animal category. I am still looking for a silly face picture to enter..However I have decided to go outside my normal entry of one of my cats or my mom's dog, with this crazy lemur that I took pictures of at our local zoo, it must have been over 5 year ago.WOW has it really been that long since I have been at the Zoo? I really need to get there before the summer ends..

Anyway this purpose for this post is I am having trouble deciding which picture of Mr. Lemur to enter and would like your opinion.

Should I enter this one:

or this one:

They are both funny. It was a very hot day when we went, and I love that this little guy was just chilling out on a rock looking very human like.

So which one do you think??

Shelly <3