Monday, August 24, 2009

I heart Faces - Nostaglia Photo

This week at I heart Faces it's Nostaglia week. I have decided to enter this picture of Damien and our White Cat Gumba when I first brought him home. Gumba was only 2 months old when we got him, he is now over a year old. See the other 2 cats (we have 3 in total) are attached to me,I have cuddled them since they were kittens and they follow me around the house, Esp. my Black Cat Vision. So when we got Gumba Damien wanted so badly for one of them to be attached to him instead of me. So I backed off on the automatic cuddle time and let him bond with him first. And what do you know it worked. Gumba Loves Damien..and Damien Loves him.. This is the first picture I took of them "Bonding"

Head on over to for more Nostalgia Photos..there are some really great one's as always at I heart Faces!

Shelly <3

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  1. What a great thing to allow those two to have. It's always nice to have that close bond with one of your animals. Great picture!