Friday, August 21, 2009

Baby Cows,Tiger's and Sea Lions. Oh My! (Pictures now added)

Ok... It really goes Lions and Tigers and Bears oh my, however I saw no Lions nor Bears. But I did see an awesome Sea Lion Show, A Tiger Show and A Baby Cow being born at the Erie County Fair yesterday.

It was an awesome day at the fair with my mom. Me and my mom go to the fair every year and this was no exception. We always enjoy the MOOturnity ward. Basically it's the part of the fair with all the animals and Baby animals. There were piglets and about 6 or 7 baby cows that have already been born throughout the week. When we looked at the end of the barn type area, we saw a VERY pregnant Cow in a big pen by herself and people gathered around. We always ohh and ahh over the babies but have never experienced seeing one actually being born. So we stuck around, for an hour!

But it paid off we saw our first ever Calf Birth, it wasn't very pretty but amazing all the same. her name is Amy and she was born at 5:15 pm, the owners of the mother cow was telling everyone what was going on and answering question, they said the could look totally different from the mom but this baby looked exactly like her mom.

The seal lion show was next, it was awesome. I have some great pictures of them too that I will post later. They dunked a basket, they did the conga,they caught rings on their head. Just generally entertaining.

Then we ate walked around some and came back for the Tiger Show. Again I have some pictures that I will add later. But they had I think 7 tigers that they raised since they were babies. They were so cool. They had white tigers, orange and black tiger and a Tabby Tiger. All of them were Bengals and you could see they loved their trainer very much. It was so cool to see a guy running around inside the cage with them playing around. The youngest tiger Nina had a mind of her own but still followed the trainers direction.. just in her own way.

All those shows were free. I think we ended up spending a total of like $50 for the whole afternoon, we got there around 3pm and left about 9pm when it started to pour. So really not bad for a whole day at the fair.

I'll add the pictures later they will make this post so much better!

Shelly <3

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  1. $50 isn't too bad for a full day like that! :]