Sunday, March 27, 2011

I Heart Faces - Slice of Life

*I heart faces button was not working will check back and fix when it is*

So This week the theme at I Heart Faces is Slice of Life. Basically just a candid photo. Nothing that was set up. Which is mostly how I take my photos anyway. Esp. with little one's. 

This boy LOVES his trains. I also Love how you can tell many little children, 3 to be exact live here, with the toys all in the back round. I babysit for this little guy who is 3 and his twin 22 month old brothers every week.

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Saturday, March 26, 2011

Photo Editing Fun

I have been playing around on with their free features for awhile now, and I decided to try out their full version for a month, after all it was only $4.99 , what have I got to loose.
I think I may just get the year subscription which is only $24.99 once my month is up, I am enjoying playing around with my pictures.. here are just a some I have been playing with..

What do you think? I am just starting to play with the features there are many I have to learn what they all do. But it is fairly simple..

Til next Time 
Shelly <3

Friday, March 25, 2011

Watching Little Boys...

Watching these boys every week fun, the twins loved me from the get go, Eli needed a little convincing. 
When I first started coming over he did'nt want me to stay, and this week he said he did'nt want me to go.

The twins are a riot, being 22 months old they are at a very fun age. They are starting to talk, most of it is not but they do say a couple words clearly. 
Evan is standing and Ethan is sitting

One thing is for sure These boys are gorgeous. All three of them
Evan - Love the look on his face..







Eli LOVES Trains and can tell you every single Thomas the tank engine character train and what they do. He is 3 almost 4.
Their Parents are loving all the pictures I am taking of them too. Its a joy to see them each week.

Til Next Time
Shelly <3

You Capture - Youth


I Have'nt done a You Capture post in quite some time. So I am just going to just back in it. The theme was to Capture Youth, and nothing is more Youthful then these  little guys..

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Friday, March 11, 2011

On the Job Front..

  So I still have not found a job, however a friend needed a babysitter, once a week for her 3 little one's and it pays $10 an hour. I am there from about 9am-6pm.  Eli is 3 and he goes to preschool for 3 hours out of the day and then there are the Twins. Ethan and Evan, they are 22 months old. They are all very cute little boys.
From Left to Right : Evan, Ethan and Eli
Here is Evan above in giggles as I tickle him, They just started really talking, so who knows what he's telling me but it's important to him.. lol...
Double Trouble

They really are good boys. Toddler's really are fun, (*Most* of the time)

So until I get a real job, these three little guys are my job, at least once a week.

Shelly <3

Tuesday, March 8, 2011

I Heart Faces - People’s Choice Photo Challenge - Best Face in February

This week at I heart Faces it's us who vote. The people who enter every week. This week's theme is Your Best Face from February.

I have so many I could choose from, But I think I will go with this.
Little Katie on 2/8/2011 a week away from being 2 months old.
..After all it she has the best little face I know....
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Shelly <3