Monday, April 26, 2010

I Heart Faces - Smile

This week at I heart Faces the theme is Smile.. I have so many Smile Pictures as I am sure everyone does.

Here is the one that I choose..

These are my Cousins. Rich, Samantha and Patti. This was at Sam's First Dance Recital  last year. Come June I am going to see her 2nd Dance Recital and I can't wait to see what I mean how she does..

Great Family Smile there!

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Shelly <3

Buffalo Zoo

So Even though Saturday morning turned out crappy.. Somehow my bank account overdrew and I was negative $1.50 the day after I got paid.. That was not good news at all . Luckily Damien was saving up and he was able to give me money for the week. And to go out with, so I was still able to go to the zoo and the casino. Unfortantly I did not win anything at the casino.

But the Foods?? Oh my. I am pretty sure I ate my weight in crab legs and they were sooo good.

But on to the zoo pictures. It was a great sunny day not too hot not too cold and I got some great pictures. Here are just a few :

                                                            The Elephant was Smiling

                                                    View of Sea Lion from under the water

                                               This is Diana, She is a speckled bear and She is 32.
                                       I only know that because as we were standing there the person
                                                     Who feeds them came along and told us.

                                                                      I <3 Polar Bears

                                This is an Ocelot, Do you know how hard to was to get this little
                               Guys Picture? He kept climbing up his tree, then down then up..

                             This Bird Kept coming up and knocking the other birds off the branch

                       A Meerkat. It was feeding time and he was the only one interested in the crowd.

                             I got some great one's of the Tigers. We are big Tiger Lovers in this family!

                                             I love this one. They are cuddling.. Awwwww....

                                      The Zebra just happened to turn around and look at me.

                                                       The Snow leopard Bored apparently.

                                   The Gorilla's were not cooperating. This is the best shot I got of them.

All in all a great day even with a crappy start. I love the zoo and can't wait to go back soon.

I am actually pretty proud of most of these shots. Hope you all enjoy a glimpse of our Buffalo Zoo!

Shelly <3

Friday, April 23, 2010

Random Picture Post

I am going to the Buffalo Zoo tomorrow. So I had to clear out my camera to make room for all the pictures I plan to take of the animals. Expect some in the next couple days!
So I found some pictures that I took recently

The View from my Top Porch:



Me and Cloud (Please excuse my messy hair!)

                                                Some Pictures of the Cat's Cuddling..

                                                 Gumba, a Tad bit too close to the flash..

Cloud.. Apparently not wanting to be bothered.. lol

Shelly <3


Thursday, April 22, 2010

Dear So and So...

It's Dear So and So time yet again.. So here goes

Dear Thursday,
  Please end, your the one day of the week that takes forever for the work day to end.
 Waiting for the weekend

Dear Buffalo Zoo,
 I cannot wait to get out of work early saturday and take pictures of all the animals. It has been a couple years since I've been to the zoo and I can't wait!
Looking forward to visiting,

Dear Patti and Carrie,
 We are going to have a great time at the casino on Saturday night. Even if we only bring a little bit of money  with us.
Looking forward to the night out,

Dear Casino,
 I may not bring much money into your establishment on saturday, but I sure wouldnt mind leaving with more then I came in with!
 Hoping I'm lucky,

Dear Casino Buffet,
   Watch out Crab Legs here I come!
Can't wait to eat,

Dear me,
 The zoo and the Casino all in one day.
Wondering when I actually got a life!

Well that's it for today.  When I get home I will link up to the correct blogger who started this wonderful meme.

Shelly <3

Thursday, April 15, 2010

I'm gonna be in a movie.. kinda..

So Let's see what have I been up to?

Well Pretty Much nothing. I know exciting.

I Really need to pick my camera back up and start taking pictures. Now that the weather has been wonderful here in Buffalo. It's time to get out and capture the season.

One cool thing I can report is.... about 3 weeks ago, a friend that I really never hung out alone with asked me if I wanted to go with her to be a extra in a movie being shot by a guy who she went to high school with. They are going to have a preimere and everything downtown in august.

So being very curious about the behind the scenes of pretty much everything I said sure why not. I was shocked to begin with that she asked me and only me out of our group of 6. Secretly I think it was for the ride, but whatever I'll take it.

The scene I was in was shot at a fancy restaurant/banquet place here in buffalo called Salvatore's. Basically we stood around a lot and waited for them to tell us what to do. I mean it's no High Budget film but it was cool anyway. We stood by the steps in one scene and just was told to pretend to talk.In another we just stood by the bar and pretended we were drinking something which was actually Gatorade but 2 of the main characters in the movie was standing directly behind us, and shooting towards us. So there is a very good chance I will be in that part.

Then they said ok pair up boy/girl. We just stood there. uhhhh... So he started pairing people up. You and you.. And you go with him. And you pointing at me, with him. One of the main guys in the movie.. Ookkk.. We were shooting a dance scene. So there we are pretending to dance, so hand in hand he was joking. So wonder what kind of music they are going to play. Because there was none. he also joked I hope everyone is going about the same speed. and laughing at the other guy in the movie who was shooting a funny scene.

Then the camera came over to us. ummmm... I am only supposed to be an extra here..Camera in my face he tells me, Put your arms around his neck... You love him, You love him. Smile.. Great...
and they move on and we separate into the hand in hand dancing we were just doing. So I now have a very good chance to be scene in this movie.

Oh by the way this movie is Called Seasons of the Heart - There is not much on the site right now, But I hope they update it soon.

Here is the Description on the Movies Website: Seasons of the Heart is based on a true story written by Angelo LoGalbo.  In an age full of divorces, separations, and unhappy marriages the timing couldn’t be more perfect to tell a tale of true love; disproving to all the skeptics that true love really does exist.  Seasons of the Heart is a romantic drama/comedy that will feature the four seasons of Western New York and the hidden treasures of its community as the backdrop for this heart wrenching passionate love story.

From what I can tell seeing the short bits I did. It looks funny. The scenes I am going to be in revolve around the high school reunion and a classroom scene at a local high school.  That I am going to be doing this sunday. He asked if I wanted to be in another part and I said Sure why not! and I am bringing my friend with me. So even if I am not seen, which I am pretty sure I will be.

 Now can say I was an Extra in a movie. Even if it is a locally made movie.

Shelly <3

Thursday, April 8, 2010

1 month of Retail Hell

So today marks 1 month that I have been working at the retail store instead of my customer service job at the warehouse.

and truthfully I hate it. Still.  I know how things go at the warehouse, I really do not know sportscards all that much and while I can read what we have written in a description when someone calls easily I cannot do that at a retail store with the customer in front of me.

Thank god for good people who work with me or I don't think I would last. I am still on a lookout for a better job, but until that time unfortunately back to retail hell I must go.

I hate the hours, I hate not knowing the product well enough to explain to people. I am not a pusher, I cannot push  a product I have no clue about. Maybe it wouldn't be so bad if the store actually got business but for most of the day we stand around and wait for someone to come in. If I was at the other store we have maybe time would go by faster because they are busy. We are not. People say you should be happy your getting paid to essentially do nothing. I would rather be busy then do  nothing.

I am doing the job to the best of my ability anyway no matter how much I hate it. The problem is going to be trying to find a new place that matches my pay now. because they really are overpaying me for retail work. I currently make about $12.50 an hour, though I am salery so  I do not get overtime or anything like that. The one good thing is when they switched me they did not dock my pay or anything so I am making the same as I did as the customer service assistant manager.

So far I have not found anywhere that can match my current pay. Truthfully I have not searched very hard. I have been a tad bit depressed over this. I still question everyday what exactly did I do to get me here?? No one really ever told me a definite reason. I just want a reason so I can stop thinking about it and move on.

I could accept something with lower pay, but it took me a long time to get to this point and I really do not want to go backwards. Maybe I will explore other options in employment. I always said I would have loved to work in a day care or something. I am wonderful with children and they make me happy.

It would be a drastic change, but maybe that is what I need. A change.

 It can't be any more then retail. I never want to work in retail again. That I know.

Shelly <3