Friday, December 30, 2011

Christmas Review

I can't believe that tomrrow is new years eve. Where has this year gone?

We have defiantly had our ups and downs this year. I say with the exception of my dear Vision Passing it has been a pretty good year, Sure I still don't have a job. BUT I have a baby on the way and that more then makes up for anything that went wrong this year.
RIP Vision Boy.. I still miss you everyday

So Let's see Christmas was great this year, It was quiet but nice. We had a very low key Christmas but everyone had a wonderful time.

We got to meet Damien's brother new girlfriend and she is very nice. I knew I eventually being surronded by guys they would have to get girlfriends and I would not be the only girl We are happy for him, he deserves and nice girl and Erin seems very nice.

From Left to Right.. Chris,Erin,Anthony,Me and Damien
We were so happy we actually got the house done in time and it looks great! I don't know about you but Homemade gifts out trump big expensive ones anyday and I got a couple of thoughtful gifts from Damien this year..

He made me 2 things:
A frame with the Babies Name on it.. Only 4 more weeks til we can put her picture in there

A Bracelet that says Mommy <3 Leighla
He got me a couple other things also but these were the best I thought.
I also got a :
Mr.Coffee Keurig Single Serve
From my mom and step-dad which is awesome! 

35 Weeks - My mom likes to cut off my head in

Our Christmas Tree and Presents this year

The Annual Brothers Picture. there is no denying these guys are brothers.. Oldest to Youngest Left to Right

So I would say Christmas this year was a success and next year will be even better because we will have our Precious little Leighla!

Speaking of the baby, Had my doctors appointment today and everything is still great. Doesn't look like she will be early at least not according to this appointment we will see what next week brings. I now start going every week until she decides to make her appearance into the world. I promise pictures of her nursery soon. It is just about done. My mom ordered the crib and dresser today and we just have to put up some decals on her wall.. 

So all and all we had a wonderful Christmas and We can not wait to start this new year. It will defiantly be a different year for us. But we are so ready and Cannot wait to meet our little Girl! 

I hope everyone had a wonderful Holiday Season also!

Shelly <3

Friday, December 23, 2011

Christmas Time is Here..

Blogger changed something and I could not figure out how to make a new post.. Luckily I figured it out.. lol

Well I am not sure about everyone else, but Christmas Is just sneaking up on me this year. I can not believe that tomrrow is Christmas Eve already, we always do Christmas Eve at my Mom's Downstairs, and then Damien's Family comes over to our house for Christmas day. We do not even have to leave the house for either event, which is nice when the weather stinks and will be even nicer next year when we have the baby.

Surprisingly for Buffalo we have absolutely no snow right now and it doesn't look like we are going to get any. Which is ok with me. Easier to run out and get last minute things without fighting the elements.we are finally done painting the house, all but the kitchen and that can wait for now.

Now the task of putting it all back together in 2 days. Then Sweeping and Mopping the wooden floors. It is not going to be fun. We have not even put up the tree yet, so we still have to do that. We have a fake tree we bought a couple years ago, it goes together in 3 parts but fluffing up all the branches take forever!

I cleaned our bathroom and our kitchen today, and also make homemade sponge candy by myself for the first time. My friend made some last week at my house and taught me how. For doing it alone for the first time I think I did a pretty good job. At least it tastes like Sponge Candy and if you have never had it, you do not know what you are missing.

I am not sure I will get on in the next 2 days, so I want to wish all my bloggy friends a very Happy Christmas.. I will do a year in review before the 1st. though. This year has had its Lows as well as Highs. So I have alot to review. 

Hope everyone has a wonderful Christmas with their Family and Friends!


Thursday, December 15, 2011

Christmas Spirit

There has been a lot of talk about trying to find the Christmas spirit this year. I admit it does seem hard. Being unemployed does not give you much money to buy gifts for people. I love buying people gifts and seeing their expression when they open a great gift. This year christmas will be small but it can still be good.

We are just about done redoing our house before Christmas and the baby comes. Which is a relief, I am pretty sure Damien does not want to see another can of paint for quite a while. But on the plus side it looks really nice.

The  babies room is just about done, and we can move all her stuff into her room and start organizing it, Its been sitting in gift bags since the shower in our dining room. I can not wait to decide what we want to bring her home in and what we want her to wear for her first pictures in the hospital. 

Time is flying by and I am already almost 34 weeks. Not to much longer and she will be here. And frankly we cannot wait to meet her. We are nervous but very excited. We are ready to meet our princess.

She is still a moving machine, if babies are supposed to slow down in movement as they get bigger she obviously never got the but that is quite all right. She can move all she would like. 

I have got a total of 3 presents so far, 2 are for Damien and as all he asked for were Marvel TShirts that fit him I think he will be quite pleased. I want to get him a couple more before Christmas, also his birthday is the day after Christmas so I have to get him something special for that too.

My friend Carrie is coming over tomorrow and we are making Sponge Candy, I have never made it before so she is teaching me, which should be fun. Well Off to BINGO with my mom, Hope we win that would take the pressure of no money for Christmas gifts away immediately. But even if we don't I am sure we will have fun anyway.

More tomorrow, as my next doctors appointment is tomorrow.

Til Then
<3 Shelly

Edit to add. Guess the Christmas Spirit is out there! We were told at the beginning of the year Damien's job was not doing Christmas bonuses this year.. He just got a surprise one, which was a decent amount, while we are not going to go crazy, it defiantly takes the pressure off a bit and we can have somewhat of a better Christmas..  I am so happy for him, He deserves it, he has been going in an hour early every day without being asked to and working his butt off.. It is nice they finally gave him something in appreciation.

Saturday, December 10, 2011

Little Miss Dimples is One!!

Technically she turns 1 on wenesday but her party was tonight.. I can not believe its almost been a year from ..

Katie (2 days old) 12-16-10
To this :
Katie 12-10-11 (Almost 1)

Happy Almost Birthday Little Miss Dimples.. Auntie Shelly Loves you.. and pretty soon you will have a little cousin to play with.. 

Shelly <3

(pardon the shiner on her eye, the hazards of learning how to walk..ha ha)

Monday, December 5, 2011

32 weeks 2 days

So we are heading to the homestretch. 8 more weeks to go. That is if baby girl wants to come when they thing she will. It is all up to her. We finally decided on the color for her room after changing our minds 4 or 5 times. We bought the paint and started painting it yesterday so no turning back now.

I am taking pics as we go along so I will be sure to do a post on her room once it is all done. It is very girly so she better come out a girl as we are being told she not to mention all the girly clothes we have. 

I'm not worried though, I know she is a girl. This past Saturday Damien and I went through the 8 hour one day childbirth class at the hospital we are delivering at. All day 8am to 5pm. But I am glad we did it we learned a bunch and it was nice to have a tour of the hospital wing and nursery so you know where all this craziness will take place.

Our hospital wing seems smaller then some I've seen but still nice. It is all becoming quite surreal, esp. after the childbirth class.  I am pretty sure I am going for the epidural but I will try to do my best before we have to. Pain and me are not friends but I just have to remember that after all the pain I get a beautiful baby girl to take home and love.

Damien is really going to be a great dad, he is so excited. It's hard for him at times being his dad had passed away back in 2005 and his dad would have loved, I mean absolutely loved a grandchild and adored a little girl, since he had all boys. He will always be with us in spirit, and Leighla will know how great her grandfather was.

8 more weeks, only 2 months to go.. It is crazy how fast this has seemed to fly by. But am having a pretty easy pregnancy and can not wait to meet my babygirl.. Soon she will be here. and then you all will be subjected to 5 billion pictures of her! lol..

Til Next time 

Tuesday, November 22, 2011

The Baby Shower

The baby shower turned out better then I could have ever expected. My Group of girls came together and made it run so smoothly I couldn't thank them enough for all the help. I am lucky to have such a wonderful group of people in my life..

This was not taken at the shower but it is the most updated pic of all of us
There were so many people that showed up for me! I was amazed by everyone's generosity!
The gift table
I had so many things to open it took over an hour, now the shower was not about presents though I appreciated every one. It was about the people. Some people I have not seen in years came to my shower and I loved seeing them all again.

As well as family. This was the first time that both sides of the family mine and Damiens were all at one gathering and it went wonderfully.

We had enough food to feed 2 armys, in fact we brought a ton home and still eating it,

These are just a fraction of the food we had..
All my girls chipped in and bought us a high chair! Which was great. We did not get alot of big items, so we still need to go out and get the important things like a car seat, stroller, baby monitor. among other things. My mom is getting us the crib/changing table and dresser, and his mom is going to get us the playpen/pack and play thing. 

One thing we did get was plenty of cute outfits. This is going to be one styling baby. She has an outfit for everyday and then some!
It says "My daddy says I can't date til Im 25" Damien fully agrees lol..

We also got alot of awesome homemade blankets and other homemade items.. 3 different diaper cakes..

Damiens mom made this one

My moms best friend made this one

And Damien's best friends wife made this one
We also got this awesome wreath from Damien's Aunt

We haven't taken any of them apart yet but they were all wonderful. Homemade items are so nice.
My mom's best friend also made us this buggy to put books in, we asked everyone to bring a book instead of a card, though I got many cards also, we have a nice collection of books to start her off with. 

And she made the cake, all homemade, she mispelled her name but that was fine!
The Grandma's to be did an excellent job of putting this shower together.
Damien's Mom, Me and My Mom
All in all I could not have asked for a better day. we recorded some messages to the baby from guests so we can enjoy that for years to come and even show it to leighla Once she is born..

I am pretty sure I had the best baby shower ever. and can't thank all that helped enough.

Now to wait until January 28th to see what our little princess looks like. I can not wait! I am going to cherish every moment with her and love her to pieces..

She will defiantly be surrounded by love from everyone!

Til Next Time

<3 Shelly

Saturday, November 5, 2011

28 weeks

Good Bye 2nd Trimester.. Hello 3rd! We are in the homestrech.. 

28 weeks, taken today

More tomorrow!

Tuesday, November 1, 2011

27 weeks 3 days

Hi all, sorry for the long time between posts. We have gotten a new internet router and my laptop has been giving me issues connecting correctly..

I had my next OB appointment Monday and everything is great. I did my glucose test last week and my results were perfect, I'm not anemic, as they check that half way through. And everything is going great with this growing baby of mine.

My baby shower is less then 3 weeks away and I am getting excited now. I hope we get a lot of stuff we need,  less that we will actually have to buy ourselves. There should be about 60 people total there.

Leighla moves like crazy and I am enjoying every minute of it, because before to long there will be no more belly moving and a little baby in my arms. I honestly can't wait. We are making progress on the house, we finally have our room's walls repaired and painted, next we have to change out electrical sockets are they are still 2 prong instead of the more standard 3 prong. That should be an easy fix. then we move our stuff in there and work on the babies room. There is one outlet in that room that needs to be fixed my an electrition and painting and that will be done. 

We are hoping to get that done before the shower so we have somewhere to put all her stuff that she will get.

We also have a childbirth class we signed up for on December 3rd. It's just a one day class but we should learn all we need to know, hopefully.

Besides that nothing much else is going on.. 
everyone comments on how small I look for being almost 7 months. But per the doctor I am measuring just fine and have gained weight steadily; starting at 96 and now am at 112. 

26 weeks

I do see the difference even if other people don't see it as much. Clothes that fit me fine last week, not so much this week.. Some woman get upset by pregnancy weight gain, I find it funny. I have always been the type of person who could not gain weight even when I tried, so having this belly is fun for me and I feel the difference. I am *knock on wood* having a pretty easy pregnancy, really no issues at all. Besides baby girl likes to kick my right ribs. But that I can deal with.

I have alot of pictures to post but don't want to push my hopefully it will continue to cooperate with me.

Til Next time

Shelly <3

Wednesday, October 19, 2011

25 weeks 4 days

I can not believe that I am over half way through with this pregancy. *Knock on Wood* it has been pretty good so far, minus the first 3 months of getting sick.

This baby is a mover, a big one, but that is very reassuring for me, If I can feel her move all over all the time that means she is just fine. Now I would be worried if I did not feel her Bounce around in there.

Because that is what I am convinced she is doing, no kicking or punching she is straight up using my body as her own personal bounce house.. lol.. But that is just fine.

I had my next ob appointment on monday and everything is looking great. The doctor was listening to her heartbeat and little girl decided to move all the way to the other side of my stomache making her chase her with the doppler. lol The doctor was like you have a mover all right. She said when they are that active inside they tend to come out the same way. So we are in for it.. lol

As long as she stays healthy she can move all she pleases, Just stay away from my right rib cage that is the only real discomfort I have at times. at she seems to only bother that side for some reason. Luckily it's not all the time.

I am enjoying watching my stomach move now, It is amazing that I am growing a little person in there and that I can now feel and see her move is awesome. One month from today is my Baby Shower, I can not believe it has come up so quickly. It is going to be a big one too. We decided to do both sides together and invited almost 75 people in total, thinking some people would not be able to make it but not wanting to leave anyone out..

so far on my side, Everyone but 3 people have said they are coming. I am slightly overwelmed in a good way. I never knew I knew that many people or that they would actually want to attend a party like that for me and my little bouncing tigger. 
(esp today, she has been bouncing up a storm since 6am, taking small breaks)

It is going to be a little weird for me at this party, I am usually the one who likes to blend in with the background or the crowd and all the focus will be on me.. guess it is good practice for our wedding. lol.

which we were hoping to do in july of next year, but we may have to push it back to July 2013, all depends on money, we may not have the money only 7 months after our peanut is born, but we will see how it all works out. We have been together for 10 years it is basically a formality now, since we consider ourselves married already. But It would be nice to all have the same last name, as Leighla will have Damien's last name. and be nice to all be on the same health insurance if need be. I am hoping to get a job soon after the baby is born, but I am sure there will be a lapse of some sort where I do not have health insurance.

The baby will be covered under damien's so no worries there. We are lucky in the fact that both Grandma's do not work and can take turns and have already offered to watch our peanut once I get a job. My mom being right downstairs will be nice in the wintertime, she won't even have to go outside in the snow.

It is really coming close now, only 3 months to go, til we meet her. We are talking about what and who she will look like now, Will she have my blue eyes or Damien's Brown. Will she have alot of hair or be a little baldy. I think she will be tiny and not a huge baby. Just want a healthy baby big enough to come home. Me being tiny and damien being Bigger boned she may be a nice medium. 

24 weeks 6 days
This was taken last Friday. I am really starting to show now. and really I love it. I started this pregnancy at 96 pounds I am now at 110. So I have been gaining steadily like I should.

Next week I get to go take the Glucose test! Fun, well ask me that question next week and  I will tell you I have heard anywhere that its not that bad to its nasty, the doctor described it as flat orange crush. Hopefully everything will come back normal, I don't have any concerns really. So I am sure it will be fine.

Well Guess this is long enough for now.. I am off to BINGO with my mom, we are trying a new one out tonight, hopefully I will have better luck then the one we normally go to.

Til Next time
<3 Shelly

Monday, September 19, 2011


Hello Everyone, So what's been going on, Had my Next Docors Appointment Today, Everything looking good.. One more 4 week appointment then moving to every 2 weeks already.. 

This is flying by.. I can feel her move all the time now and it is such a great crazy feeling. I am starting to actually feel pregnant, You know what I mean I have always "Felt" pregnant but I am really starting to feel it now. I have always been a tiny person, starting this pregancy at 96 pounds at 21 weeks I am now 107. 

So gaining slowly,but the doctor said I am gaining just right and measuring fine, So just keep doing what I am doing. I am really showing now, not huge or anything but in certain clothes you can defiantly see the baby bump. Which I don't mind one bit, that is part of the joy of being pregnant.

I want to Thank Mrs C. Over at Homeschool & Ect. For my lovely little package she sent me, I love it all! 

So it has been a few days and I am missing my Vision like crazy.. He was such a good cat, it's hard to believe he's gone. One of the saddest things was our girl cat Cloud, the night he died, was looking all over the house for him.. Smelling everywhere and crying.. She has always known him here since he was here before she was.. It's like suddenly she realized she couldn't smell him anymore..It was sad and got us crying all over again. Damien Loved him just as much as I did. He really was one of a kind. But we will always have the good memories with him and at least he is in no more pain,. He did not deserve that.

I can't wait to get his ashes back, we are going to put up a picture of him next to Damien's dad who passed away in 2005. The baby may never get to know these two, but she will know all about them. And how wonderful they both were. It's sad that she will never now Damien's dad, her grandpa, but he would have been thrilled with a granddaughter.. He was a wonderful man and treated me awesome, Heart issues and Diabetes took him way to soon from us.  He would have been proud of Damien, and so proud to have a grandchild. We will be sure she knows all about him and the great man he was.. In Fact her Middle Name Marie, is for him.. Damien said He always loved the name Marie, and being he had 3 boys never got to use it.. So our baby will.

Well I guess that is it for now, No new pictures to share right now. But I promise some soon..

Til Next Time 
Shelly <3

Saturday, September 17, 2011

R.I.P. Vision

Last night Vision did not make it through the night.. he went downhill quick yesterday, seeming to be in pain when we petted his side, and would cry out, that was very unlike him, and when we woke up this morning he was gone.. We are very sad but at least he is in no more pain.

We decided to go ahead and pay to have his remains cremated and get them back in a cedar box, we couldn't just throw him out and my mom has a dog so we were worried about burying him. He was family, our first cat and will forever be loved and missed..

He was one of a kind and can never be replaced.. but he will forever hold a place in our hearts..

RIP my Vision, I hope you know how much you were loved.. I am sure you did as you showed your love to us everyday..

I love you my Floppy, Belly Rubbing Loving Guy.. 

Love you Forever 

Thursday, September 15, 2011


So I mentioned a couple post's back that our good friends were expecting their bundle of joy. Well that little bundle of joy also turned out to be a girl! I went to visit my friend Zoe today and her new little one Sienna Grace..

Isn't she cute...

She was so alert and good. Not fussy at all.. My little one and Sienna will get to grow up together only being 4 months apart, we are excited to have playdates when they are a little older and you know Leighla is born and all..ha ha.. No Rush though, she still has some growing to do. But it will be nice to ask Zoe stuff when I am not sure, as she will go through everything just a bit before me..

Little Sienna is so sweet. Though I love taking pictures of everything, there is just something sweet about taking pictures of sweet little babies.. they are so innocent and cute..

I am looking forward to our little girls growing up as friends, as their daddies and now mommies are.. Now the only one left in our little group is Damien's best friend.. They are trying though so who knows, soon it could be 3 little one's growing up together..The Three M's.. as all their last names just happen to end with a M.. 

Til next time

<3 Shelly

Thursday, September 8, 2011

New Ultrasound Pics..

Legs and "Girly" Parts
Nose and Lips
I think we have decided to name her Leighla Marie.. (Pronounced Layla)

So there you have it our baby girl.. hopefully next time they can get a nice profile pic.

Til Next Time 
Shelly <3

Wednesday, September 7, 2011

We are Having a.....


It's a nice healthy little girl! We did not get any good profile pics like I hoped we would, but as soon as we get the ones scanned in that we did get I will be sure to post them!

Everything looks great.. She's got everything where it should be, looks healthy as can be and is very active!

and apparently already stubborn, she decided to turn around when they were trying to measure her head and refused to move back, lol..

We are very excited and already narrowing down the name, we think we are going with Leyla Marie, though we may spell it a bit differant, we aren't sure yet, But we both like that name!

Write more soon!
Shelly <3

Monday, September 5, 2011

Picture Post

While Blogger is letting me post pics let's get them all out of the way.. Belly Pics so far.. It is slowly getting bigger.. I am currently 19 weeks now and in 2 days will find out if there is a little boy or girl in there hanging out.. Other exciting news our good friends who were actually due on Wednesday is in the hospital right now waiting for their first little bundle of joy to arrive.. unlike us they waited until the baby is born to find out if it is a boy or girl.. we defiantly can not do

Vision is hanging in there, He is eating a little more day by day and moving around a lot more then he was last week. We really thought last Thursday he was going to not wake up on Friday but he has pleasantly surprised us. We are taking it day by day but are happy to start seeing the vision we know and love.

Me and my mom went to the fair a couple weeks ago, and we bought this for the baby.. Either boy or girl will be able to wear this onesie, though it may take a bit to grow into.
Staying Well Hydrated.. lol.. I swear only one was mine!

Crazy Reindeer at the Fair, jumped up on the edge of the door.
They had a Dog Jumping Contest, the dogs would jump into a huge pool of water and whoever jumped the farthest won
One of the best things about the fair, Roasted Corn.. as you can see I devoured it in oh 2 minutes.
This is Gary the Silent Clown, he put on a show at the fair and would grab random people and kids to help with his act..
Another Great Day at the fair, Gone for another year,, and next year we will have a little baby with us along for the ride :)
Well Finally Some pictures.. Hope Blogger keeps cooperating because I will be back Wednesday with the news of what our baby will be.. 2 more days I can not wait!

Til next time
Shelly <3

Wednesday, August 31, 2011


I think our vision is going... He has stopped eating really not moving much. It's sad, we have brought him to the vet and they gave me some IV fluids to give him at home, last time he got those at the vet it did wonder's for about a week then he went downhill quick. 

we are doing all we can for him, feeding him babyfood on the vets advise, he eats a tiny bit then doesn't want anymore.. he is so weak he doesn't walk far before he lays down.. We are trying to prepare ourselves for the day he leaves us and just loving him the best we can.

I am not sure how much I believe in a higher power.. but if you do please pray for our little guy..

Shelly <3

Friday, August 26, 2011

This and That Post

What has been going on in my life.. Nothing much, Anxiously awaiting September 7th so we can find out if The baby is a boy or girl.. Me and Damiens Mom are guessing Girl , My mom and Damien are saying Boy. We shall see who is

Speaking of baby, it has a nice strong heartbeat found right away which is always nice. I was asked at my last appointment if I am feeling any movement yet.. Honestly Being my first I'm not sure.. Some people say it feels like gas bubbles or something similar.. I think that last couple days I have.. But not positive.. Looking forward to that sonogram on the 7th to try to confirm these movements..

 Other then that, One of our cats are sick, which is hard.. I took him to the vet last week and the doctor felt all around him, he did not feel anything abnormal, at all.. He is a confusing case.. He purrs, He comes when you call him, but he is really weak you can see it in him..and he was throwing up all he ate.  He stopped eating all together a couple weeks ago and we did not think he was going in his litter box at all.. 

Then I took him to the vet last Friday. we had to take him in, we can't just let him waste away to nothing, He was our first kitty and he is so good, he is family and it kills us to see him like this. The doctor said he was dehydrated and gave him some fluids under his skin and for almost a week it did wonders for him, That night he was more active, he was eating again, not as much as before but still a lot more then the week before.. He began to explore around the house again and even was looking like his old self.. Then Thursday night he started throwing up again, and now he is laying around again not doing much and getting weaker.. tho he still purrs.. I'm going to call the vet Monday and see if they are willing to give him more fluids, without charging me for a office visit along with the fluids..

an office visit alone is $48 alone and unfortunately we just do not have that extra money.. But we can't let vision just waste away either.. So It's hard, Just hoping our guy gets better..

Other then that I am actually starting to look pregnant.  If dumb blogger would let me upload some pictures I would, but it is giving me issues with pictures for some reason.. I will try again later..

Til Next Time <3

Tuesday, August 23, 2011

17 weeks 3 days

Just had my next Doctors appointment. Everything went very good. No new pictures this time, but the heartbeat is nice and strong at 156- found right away..

On September 7th .. Aprox 2 weeks we finally go for our sonogram to find out if it is a boy or Girl.. 

My mom is saying Boy, Damiens Mom is saying Girl..Well one of them are 

I don't care either way as long as it is healthy and so far so good.

I would love a little girl to dress up and do their hair, but would not be disappointed with a little boy either. I just want to know either way so we can pick our name and go register for our shower in November..

I will be sure to let you all know what the baby is Boy or Girl.. and post the pictures we get!

Til Next Time

Shelly <3

Monday, August 22, 2011

I Heart Faces - Pets

I Heart Faces - Pets
It's been awhile since I entered a I heart Faces week, but I always have a picture or two of my Cats. Silly Gumba our youngest of the three cats that we have loves shoes.. He always claims one of my shoes as a pillow..
Head over to I Heart Faces for more Pet Photo Fun!

Shelly <3

Monday, August 1, 2011

People have no Respect

So there has been a string of vandalizing cars going around the neighborhood and last night they hit our street and of course Our car was one of them.

We now have a 1999 White Nissan Maxima, imagine Damien's shock when he goes to leave for work around 8:30 this morning and there is Blue Sharpie written all over our car. The hood, the trunk, the top of the car and across the Drivers Side they Write F*** You.. Though there were no stars on the car.. the whole damn word was written. And to make matters worse they flattened 2 of our tires.

One of which we just bought brand new last week.. So not a good morning at all. I will add the pics so you guys can see once I can get them off my phone and onto my computer.. It basically looked like a big V and a C, I have no idea who has been doing these things but it hit a neighboring street last week.

Luckily it was marker and not spray paint as some others got. We were able to get the marker off with some nail polish remover and the power of the Mr. Clean Magic Eraser. however it did cost us $150 that we really did not have to spend on 2 new *used* tires. 
It really aggravates me that people have no respect for other peoples property. We don't bother anyone and we work, well currently Damien works hard for the little bit of money that we do have. We did try to file a police report but they already had one filed, so either a cop came down the street and saw it or someone else called it in. I also called my insurance but only having liability it wasn't covered, and even if we did have it covered the deductible would have been more then the 2 tires cost.

So we just have to count it as a loss and go on, I really hope no one messes with our car again, not only will Damien go crazy on someone, we really have no extra money now for new tires.. Our poor  car just minding it's own business in front of our house.. 

I really hope they find this people and do something to them, I guess about 20 cars around the street were vandalized last night, last week a bunch on my cousins street luckily hers was spared...its disheartening to know there are people out there that just do not care. It was bad enough they wrote on the car and flattend 2 tires, did they really have to write swear words on it too, Thank Goodness we were able to get it off, who wants to drive around in a car with F*** You written on the side...

All is fixed for now.. I just hope it never happens again..



Today 8/8/11, I received a knock at my door, and there stood a detective.. He told me they have caught the kids who vandalized my car last week. I say Kids because it is being handed in Family Court and the paper I signed did state they were juveniles. How old exactly I am not sure, I am guessing teenagers at least. There were 2 of them, and I will have to go to family court whenever they do their case. I am guessing there are plenty other people that will be there too as they hit like 20 cars in the neighborhood. It is possible I may be able to get the money back we spent on the new tires, that would make me happy. and maybe just maybe these kids learned that vandalizing cars maybe was not such a good idea and this will scare them straight.  If I could get my money back for those tires I would be happy. That is really all I want. Yay! Justice has been served..

Thursday, July 28, 2011

13 weeks

We had another OB appointment today and was lucky enough to see our little one.. The baby is very active though I can't really feel it yet, at least I think I can't being my first i'm not sure exactly what I am supposed to be feeling.. 

But all looks good, Good heartbeat, 10 fingers which it was wiggling around quite a bit and 10 toes. We saw the spine, legs, feet and head.. everything looks as it should.. She tried to find out the gender, she didn't see anything between the legs but it's still kinda early so that can change. We will know for sure on September 7th when we go for the more detailed sonogram.. But my doctor is awesome and gave us a couple pics today..

baby Hands

Feet and Legs

Side view - sorta, we saw alot better on the screen but was moving to much to get a good shot.

So All seems to be going well. It was so awesome to see the baby moving on the screen. I can't wait til September 7th,, then we will know for sure if it's a Boy or Girl.. I'll be happy with either I just want a healthy baby.. But can't lie it would be fun to have a little girl to dress up, but a boy would be just fine also. Just wouldn't be able to play with hair bows then.. lol..

Shelly <3