Tuesday, November 1, 2011

27 weeks 3 days

Hi all, sorry for the long time between posts. We have gotten a new internet router and my laptop has been giving me issues connecting correctly..

I had my next OB appointment Monday and everything is great. I did my glucose test last week and my results were perfect, I'm not anemic, as they check that half way through. And everything is going great with this growing baby of mine.

My baby shower is less then 3 weeks away and I am getting excited now. I hope we get a lot of stuff we need,  less that we will actually have to buy ourselves. There should be about 60 people total there.

Leighla moves like crazy and I am enjoying every minute of it, because before to long there will be no more belly moving and a little baby in my arms. I honestly can't wait. We are making progress on the house, we finally have our room's walls repaired and painted, next we have to change out electrical sockets are they are still 2 prong instead of the more standard 3 prong. That should be an easy fix. then we move our stuff in there and work on the babies room. There is one outlet in that room that needs to be fixed my an electrition and painting and that will be done. 

We are hoping to get that done before the shower so we have somewhere to put all her stuff that she will get.

We also have a childbirth class we signed up for on December 3rd. It's just a one day class but we should learn all we need to know, hopefully.

Besides that nothing much else is going on.. 
everyone comments on how small I look for being almost 7 months. But per the doctor I am measuring just fine and have gained weight steadily; starting at 96 and now am at 112. 

26 weeks

I do see the difference even if other people don't see it as much. Clothes that fit me fine last week, not so much this week.. Some woman get upset by pregnancy weight gain, I find it funny. I have always been the type of person who could not gain weight even when I tried, so having this belly is fun for me and I feel the difference. I am *knock on wood* having a pretty easy pregnancy, really no issues at all. Besides baby girl likes to kick my right ribs. But that I can deal with.

I have alot of pictures to post but don't want to push my laptop.lol. hopefully it will continue to cooperate with me.

Til Next time

Shelly <3

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  1. You're looking great! I hope the people who come to the shower bring just the right things! :)