Tuesday, November 22, 2011

The Baby Shower

The baby shower turned out better then I could have ever expected. My Group of girls came together and made it run so smoothly I couldn't thank them enough for all the help. I am lucky to have such a wonderful group of people in my life..

This was not taken at the shower but it is the most updated pic of all of us
There were so many people that showed up for me! I was amazed by everyone's generosity!
The gift table
I had so many things to open it took over an hour, now the shower was not about presents though I appreciated every one. It was about the people. Some people I have not seen in years came to my shower and I loved seeing them all again.

As well as family. This was the first time that both sides of the family mine and Damiens were all at one gathering and it went wonderfully.

We had enough food to feed 2 armys, in fact we brought a ton home and still eating it,

These are just a fraction of the food we had..
All my girls chipped in and bought us a high chair! Which was great. We did not get alot of big items, so we still need to go out and get the important things like a car seat, stroller, baby monitor. among other things. My mom is getting us the crib/changing table and dresser, and his mom is going to get us the playpen/pack and play thing. 

One thing we did get was plenty of cute outfits. This is going to be one styling baby. She has an outfit for everyday and then some!
It says "My daddy says I can't date til Im 25" Damien fully agrees lol..

We also got alot of awesome homemade blankets and other homemade items.. 3 different diaper cakes..

Damiens mom made this one

My moms best friend made this one

And Damien's best friends wife made this one
We also got this awesome wreath from Damien's Aunt

We haven't taken any of them apart yet but they were all wonderful. Homemade items are so nice.
My mom's best friend also made us this buggy to put books in, we asked everyone to bring a book instead of a card, though I got many cards also, we have a nice collection of books to start her off with. 

And she made the cake, all homemade, she mispelled her name but that was fine!
The Grandma's to be did an excellent job of putting this shower together.
Damien's Mom, Me and My Mom
All in all I could not have asked for a better day. we recorded some messages to the baby from guests so we can enjoy that for years to come and even show it to leighla Once she is born..

I am pretty sure I had the best baby shower ever. and can't thank all that helped enough.

Now to wait until January 28th to see what our little princess looks like. I can not wait! I am going to cherish every moment with her and love her to pieces..

She will defiantly be surrounded by love from everyone!

Til Next Time

<3 Shelly

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  1. I love her already, too! SO glad you have such a welcoming family! I'd have a hard time taking down the wreaths and such as well, but how precious is that? :)