Monday, December 5, 2011

32 weeks 2 days

So we are heading to the homestretch. 8 more weeks to go. That is if baby girl wants to come when they thing she will. It is all up to her. We finally decided on the color for her room after changing our minds 4 or 5 times. We bought the paint and started painting it yesterday so no turning back now.

I am taking pics as we go along so I will be sure to do a post on her room once it is all done. It is very girly so she better come out a girl as we are being told she not to mention all the girly clothes we have. 

I'm not worried though, I know she is a girl. This past Saturday Damien and I went through the 8 hour one day childbirth class at the hospital we are delivering at. All day 8am to 5pm. But I am glad we did it we learned a bunch and it was nice to have a tour of the hospital wing and nursery so you know where all this craziness will take place.

Our hospital wing seems smaller then some I've seen but still nice. It is all becoming quite surreal, esp. after the childbirth class.  I am pretty sure I am going for the epidural but I will try to do my best before we have to. Pain and me are not friends but I just have to remember that after all the pain I get a beautiful baby girl to take home and love.

Damien is really going to be a great dad, he is so excited. It's hard for him at times being his dad had passed away back in 2005 and his dad would have loved, I mean absolutely loved a grandchild and adored a little girl, since he had all boys. He will always be with us in spirit, and Leighla will know how great her grandfather was.

8 more weeks, only 2 months to go.. It is crazy how fast this has seemed to fly by. But am having a pretty easy pregnancy and can not wait to meet my babygirl.. Soon she will be here. and then you all will be subjected to 5 billion pictures of her! lol..

Til Next time 

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