Wednesday, October 19, 2011

25 weeks 4 days

I can not believe that I am over half way through with this pregancy. *Knock on Wood* it has been pretty good so far, minus the first 3 months of getting sick.

This baby is a mover, a big one, but that is very reassuring for me, If I can feel her move all over all the time that means she is just fine. Now I would be worried if I did not feel her Bounce around in there.

Because that is what I am convinced she is doing, no kicking or punching she is straight up using my body as her own personal bounce house.. lol.. But that is just fine.

I had my next ob appointment on monday and everything is looking great. The doctor was listening to her heartbeat and little girl decided to move all the way to the other side of my stomache making her chase her with the doppler. lol The doctor was like you have a mover all right. She said when they are that active inside they tend to come out the same way. So we are in for it.. lol

As long as she stays healthy she can move all she pleases, Just stay away from my right rib cage that is the only real discomfort I have at times. at she seems to only bother that side for some reason. Luckily it's not all the time.

I am enjoying watching my stomach move now, It is amazing that I am growing a little person in there and that I can now feel and see her move is awesome. One month from today is my Baby Shower, I can not believe it has come up so quickly. It is going to be a big one too. We decided to do both sides together and invited almost 75 people in total, thinking some people would not be able to make it but not wanting to leave anyone out..

so far on my side, Everyone but 3 people have said they are coming. I am slightly overwelmed in a good way. I never knew I knew that many people or that they would actually want to attend a party like that for me and my little bouncing tigger. 
(esp today, she has been bouncing up a storm since 6am, taking small breaks)

It is going to be a little weird for me at this party, I am usually the one who likes to blend in with the background or the crowd and all the focus will be on me.. guess it is good practice for our wedding. lol.

which we were hoping to do in july of next year, but we may have to push it back to July 2013, all depends on money, we may not have the money only 7 months after our peanut is born, but we will see how it all works out. We have been together for 10 years it is basically a formality now, since we consider ourselves married already. But It would be nice to all have the same last name, as Leighla will have Damien's last name. and be nice to all be on the same health insurance if need be. I am hoping to get a job soon after the baby is born, but I am sure there will be a lapse of some sort where I do not have health insurance.

The baby will be covered under damien's so no worries there. We are lucky in the fact that both Grandma's do not work and can take turns and have already offered to watch our peanut once I get a job. My mom being right downstairs will be nice in the wintertime, she won't even have to go outside in the snow.

It is really coming close now, only 3 months to go, til we meet her. We are talking about what and who she will look like now, Will she have my blue eyes or Damien's Brown. Will she have alot of hair or be a little baldy. I think she will be tiny and not a huge baby. Just want a healthy baby big enough to come home. Me being tiny and damien being Bigger boned she may be a nice medium. 

24 weeks 6 days
This was taken last Friday. I am really starting to show now. and really I love it. I started this pregnancy at 96 pounds I am now at 110. So I have been gaining steadily like I should.

Next week I get to go take the Glucose test! Fun, well ask me that question next week and  I will tell you I have heard anywhere that its not that bad to its nasty, the doctor described it as flat orange crush. Hopefully everything will come back normal, I don't have any concerns really. So I am sure it will be fine.

Well Guess this is long enough for now.. I am off to BINGO with my mom, we are trying a new one out tonight, hopefully I will have better luck then the one we normally go to.

Til Next time
<3 Shelly