Friday, February 26, 2010

Dear So and So...

I've said it before I love blogging because you just happen upon fun daily things.. I am going to hop on another bandwagon, one that I saw on this blog and it just seems like fun.

Dear So and So...

It started over here at 3 bedroom Bungalow . and basically just a open note to whoever!

Dear Gumba (my youngest cat),
Please, Please stop getting into the toilet paper and turning it into confetti while I am at work. I know you think it's fun, but I'm' tired of cleaning it up!
Thanks Buddy
Your Human Mommy

Dear Fridays,
Next time please don't forget to make my food when I call an order in. Some people really do only have a little bit of time for lunch.
But thanks for the free meal!

Dear Pizza Delivery Place,
I just placed another order with you, please get it right this time. I don't care if I know you or not. I will stop ordering from you place. Even though when you actually get it right, the food is awesome.
Please and thank you!

Head over over to 3 bedroom Bungalow , to join in on the fun!

Shelly <3

Thursday, February 25, 2010

The New Do

So when we got our taxes back, Damien gave me some money to get my hair done.. so that is exactly what I did today..

What do you think??

The Front:

The Back:

It's a tad shorter then I originally wanted. I said touching my shoulders, and it is when its wet, when it's dry it bounces up a bit as hair tends to do. But even though it's shorter, then I wanted. I think it turned out pretty good. Oh and I also got my eyebrows done. Goodbye bushy eyebrows!

So.. What do you think??

Shelly <3

Tuesday, February 23, 2010

I have been given some Bloggy Awards!

Thanks to my good friend Mrs. C over at Homeschool & Etc. for passing these 2 great blogging awards to me!

The first one is : Lemonade Stand award she passed this on to me for having a great attitude.

which is very nice of her, I try to have a good attitude as much as possible. Everyone has that bad day, its how you take it that matters.

The next is :
How cool is that?! Really its the little things in life that make me happy.

Now with the Lemonade stand you are supposed to Nominate 10 and with the Beautiful Blogger you are supposed to nominate 15.. I don't think I know 25 bloggers, so I am going to copy Mrs. C and just nominate 10.

But First I have to tell you 7 things about myself, to be able to accept these gracious awards.

So here goes..

1. I love the color purple

2. I love animals, I currently have 3 cats, but my mom always jokes that I would have brought a skunk if she let me.

3. I love to read, currently I love jodi Picoult books, but I have also read I ton of others. and pretty much is always open for a new author..

4. I love American Idol. I have seen every season but one, I have been to 3 American Idol Live Concerts.

5. I'm a pushover, Yea it's true I don't have much of a backbone when intimidated, but I'm working on it.

6. I cry before I yell when I am angry

7. I Love photography, though I really do not know how to edit my photos in any programs. I love to capture that moment in time, and if you are with me and I have my camera, no matter how hard you try I will snap your picture eventually.

Now on to the the 10 people I would like to give this to, And these 10 people please pass this on to another 10 or 25 or whatever..

1.Renee @ My Special K's
2.Fellow Buffalo Blogger Melanie @ Whimsical Creations
3. Ellen @ To The Max
4.Lisa @ My Version of Life
5.Niki @ Life as we know it
6.Corrie @ Just Because my Pickle talks doesn't make me an idiot
7.Ashley's Mom @ Pipecleaner Dreams
8. I should be folding laundry
10.Tiff @ Three Ring Circus

I really love to read each and every one of the blogs above.. some are funny some are inspiring some are just really good writers and amazing photographers. Either way it's a reason to check each and every one of them out! I promise you won't be disappointed!

Thanks again to Mrs. C !

Shelly <3

Monday, February 22, 2010

Take me back Tueday

It's take me back tuesday time once again.

My 8th grade school jacket.

The one thing I kept from my many childhood moves.

And again I will be 30 June 1st. and this jacket that I got when I was in 8th grade. oh so long ago,looked like it might still fit. So I tried it on..

Just a little snug but I can still put it on and snap it up.. because it is a courdoroy blue and gold school jacket, that I begged for and happily received. And I am so glad all these years later, it was something that I kept.

Head on over to I Giveaway Addicted Mommy for more Fun!

Shelly <3

Project 365 (Day 7 & 8)

Look at me already behind after a day..

Day 7: I'm a reader always have,always will be. So here is just some of my book collection. I like certain authors and when I find one I like, I like to get everyone they have or at least the most I can.

In the last 2 years I have really gotten to like Jodi Picoult books. She is just a great story teller and really gets you involved in the story. I have read 6 or 7 and have plenty on this shelf I have not even touched yet. now I normally do not buy all these. I will buy one or two, but I ask for them for specials occasions. Like birthdays or Christmas.

Day 8: Damien on the other hand is NOT a reader. Unless that reading has anything to do with the Marvel Universe. He Loves marvel, He is a big Hulk and Wolverinefan. Those are his favorites. So the Marvel Universe does have a place in our house. Just some of his Graphic Novels, and other special books:

and a framed poster I got for him a couple Christmas's ago

Shelly <3

Saturday, February 20, 2010

Project 365 (Day 6)

Since I got so behind I will just pick up from here and go on.. So even though this is technically supposed to be a much higher number I am going to continue with Day #6

So I went around my house today looking for interesting things to photgraph..

One of the best things we purchased 2 years ago was a fireplace.

We had a gas fireplace hookup since we moved in. but it was not turned on and it did not have working logs. Our apartment is also old so its very drafty in the winter and we would freeze even with the heat on, and the gas bills were crazy because we turned up the heat. We bought a new gas log set for the fireplace and a new grate to make sure the cats would not get hurt. Best thing we could have ever purchased. Keeps the living room toasty and the gas bills are lower because we can keep the heat down. I love it..

I will try to keep on top of this better project 365, no more slacking.


Friday, February 19, 2010

Memories of Middle School..

I don't have many things from my childhood. We moved around a lot and things tend to get lost in multiple moves. But I do have a couple things. One being a Corduroy Blue and Gold School jacket with my name on the front from when I was in 8th grade.

That was the big thing that year, when you got in the 8th grade you could order this jacket.
and I begged for one, and got one. I decided to break it out and take some pictures of it. Now this thing is from 1994 I believe..

The Front

The Back

Can't forget the school mascot on 1 sleeve in patch form of course

This thing looked like it would still fit, so I tried it on, and it still fit! A tad bit snug but I can button it up no problem.see It even had my name on it. You have to admit it's one cool jacket! At least I thought so back

Yeah , I am going to be 30 in June and I still fit in my 8th grade corduroy school jacket.. ..

Shelly <3

Tuesday, February 16, 2010

I heart Faces - I wanna dance

Getting this in right on time this week.. I found those pictures I was referring to of my friends wedding. Luckily my boyfriend moved them to a folder I did not think of looking at. Yea!

So when you are at a wedding, there are plenty of Dance pictures to choose from. BTW I love going
to weddings for the sure joy of taking pictures of strangers.. yea I'm a little weird.

I have over 400 pictures to choose from, I have no idea how I take so many, But I do.

But there is nothing more special then your first dance as Man and Wife.

and 2 of our very best friends make some of the greatest pictures!

I wish it could include more then 1 picture, I have so many good one's for this catagorie, But I keep coming back to this one. So this is the one I choose:

One of the best night's of our lives, Great reception. Great People. Just all around one of the most enjoyable weddings ever. I hope mine is half as good as theirs was. But alas I am still waiting for the question to be popped to me, so my wedding shall have to wait.. Our 9 yr anniversary is March 8th. I'm giving him until then and then I may pop the question to him, it is 2010 after all! lol..

Head on over to I Heart Face's for more Dance Mania!

Shelly <3

Friday, February 12, 2010

You Capture - Work

I'm not going to lie, I totally waited until the last minute and realized I never took pictures of my Work this week. So I thought no problem, I'll bring my camera to work tomorrow and snap a few. I ran out the door this morning.. and left my camera sitting on the table. DOH! Ok, Damien has a great Idea, Just take the pictures with your iphone.. So that is what I did. If I had remembered my real camera these pictures would be so much better.


I am a customer service assistant manager, though it is really just me and my manager during the day. A another person at night and another on the weekends. so its a fairly small dept. I work at a Website based Sports/Non Sports/ Autographed stuff/gaming/jerseys,hats, you name it we have it or can get it. We also have 2 retail stores in the area. We have about 60 or so employees and a huge warehouse that we are actually moving into a bigger space very soon. Despite some hard fast changes in my dept. lately ,it really is a great place to work for. We are not very coperate, we are owned by 2 best friends who met in college and started a small card store here in buffalo. Then expanded to one of the biggest Sports/Non sports website in the world. We ship everywhere. You would be amazed how much a Baseball Card can be worth, Or for that matter a Magic the Gathering gaming card. It is Nuts! Well anyway this post is supposed to be about pictures, so here goes.

Here is where I spend 8 to 9 hours of my day.

My Computer, and the COLD window I have to sit next too in the winter, out that hallway is the door to go outside.

My Phone you can see my piture obession follows me to work. I have one of the only walls that completely cover my area, so I covered the blank wall with pictures

Since we are mainly a sports based company, and we are in buffalo, we have autographed sports items all over this is in my area

And this is in the hall, true buffalo spirit!

Here's a little tour of the warehouse:

and just some of the wide array of what we carry

We pack them up safely is tons of these every day:
Fill them with peanuts using these:

and Send Tons of these out a day of all shapes and sizes:

That is pretty much where I work. I am mainly up front, but I my boyfriend works in shipping and his brother is the shipping manager, so on Fridays, I get done with my job at 2 and I go back and help them and I do the same everyday when I get out at 5 , In the long run it works out for my I can't go home until Damien is done and if I help them we get done faster. And the faster we can go home!

Well that is basically a day at work for me.. Head on over to I should be folding laundry for my Work Pictures!

Shelly <3

Thursday, February 11, 2010

Meow Mix : Market Select - It's like Crack for Cats..

Bet I have you wondering with that title huh?

I am not sure how many of you have pets out there but if you have ever read my blog I am sure you have seen 1 or 100 pictures of my cats. Right now I have no kids so my 3 cats are my babies, and boy do they have personality.

For as long as I had them, all 3 when they were kittens we have fed them Dry Friskies cat food. However about 6 months ago I noticed that one of them was getting sick every time he ate, I still fed him the same stuff as the other two, but he seemed to not get anything in his stomache as he would throw the whole thing up , Cat puke is not pretty...,trust me. he was starting to loss weight, I think it may be a mix of him not actually chewing the food but inhaling it and he is getting older so I though maybe he was having issues chewing them.

Getting sick of cleaning up cat throw up everyday twice a day, I decided to try to give him wet food instead and see how he did, So I started feeding just him wet food and he has not gotten sick once. So I have been separating him from the other two when they eat. I had a HUGE bag of the other food I wanted to use up first. The other 2 thought this was not fair of course, I would feed them all at the same time but the other 2 would just sit at the door and meow then as soon as he was done would race in there to finish what he didn't eat.

Tired again of having to separate them I decided the big bag o food was close to being empty so I would just give them all the wet food and save my sanity. and boy have I found a food they Love.
It's called Meow Mix Market Select
and they love it! it is seriously like crack for cats, each container is just enough for 1 serving per cat. So that would be 3 containers in the morning and 3 at night., they want more! They meow for more, I have never seen them eat something so fast. And then if I throw out the containers they will get them out of the garbage just to lick them clean. It's nuts. Sure I am spending a bit more a week now for the wet food. But they absolutely love this stuff and if I stopped giving it to them I think they would revolt. If you have a picky cat, try this brand. I think any cat would go nuts over it!

Shelly <3

*In no way am I getting sponsored by meow mix, but I wish I was I would save a ton a week! *

Friday Night Confessions (on *Thursday).

I Think I will join in the fun over at Three Ring Circus, Tiff is starting a thing called Friday Night Confessions (on *Thursday). Much like McMammas Not Me Monday's, but on Thursdays obviously..

So here goes;

At work this week I was reprimanded for coming in 2 to 5 mins late, So I have been here at least 20 mins. early all week. and I have been done with my work by the first hour. Why I have to be here so early is beyond me, but I do what I am told

And must confess I am at work now.. but I'm done with my stuff so a quick blog post it is!

I decided yesterday it was more important to watch American Idol instead of doing laundry, those dirty clothes will be there for me tomorrow, right?

Also realized that when I went food shopping this week I did not get enough food for dinner for tonight. Instead of stopping at the store after work to pick something up, I think I will just pick up take out. Heck with Cooking!

Yea those were some pretty lame confessions. I will do better next week!

Join in the Fun over at Three Ring Circus!

Shelly <3

Tuesday, February 9, 2010

I Heart Faces - We Heart Kisses

Since Sunday is Valentines Day this week the theme at I heart Faces is “We Heart Kisses”

I somehow lost all of the pictures to a wedding I went to in October, Good thing I gave the newlyweds a copy of all the pictures and I see our friend pretty much 4 times a week, I will just ask him to bring the cd back so I can copy back to my computer, Have no idea how that happened. But anyway back to I heart Faces..

Here is my Entry :

There is something precious about a child leaning in for a kiss.

My entry will be #611 this week. That is a lot of people for this theme and this picture is not even close to some of their awesomeness. Esp. Tiff's from Three Ring Circus Check out her picture of her Youngest Twins. It quite frankly is amazing and timeless.

Head on over to I Heart Faces for more Kissy Pictures!

Shelly <3

Thursday, February 4, 2010

You Capture - Faces


This week over at I should be folding laundry it's time for another You Capture Challenge. This week is Face's! Any kind of face will do..

So here are some faces...

Mind you they are mostly Feline Faces, but faces all the same



and Me.

These next couple, my boyfriend took of me and gumba cuddling one night. There may not be alot of Faces but it's adorable all the same.

and lastly because it's funny, this picture pretty much sums up Gumba.

Head on over to I should be folding laundry for more You capture Fun!

Shelly <3

Wednesday, February 3, 2010

What if I would have done things differantly....

I sit here and think and What If's run through my head..

What if I did things differently when I was younger?

What Do I mean by that? I am not going to go into details in this particular post, but I was sexual abused from the time I was 6 to about 15 on and off. By an EX- Stepfather. Not too many people know that. This man was supposed to be my father figure growing up as my own dad left my mom and myself when I was 2. Yea he was not so much father figure then a nightmare. This the same man who got my Best friend at 15yrs old pregnant. Yeah, it was that bad. The only good thing that came from him is my younger brother.

I think sometimes that is why I am the way I am. Now I am not a bad person at all. If you ask anyone who knows me personally I am known as the nice quiet girl practically my whole life. and there is nothing wrong with that but the quiet part. I still am very shy, If I know you then I'm fine. But new crowds I clam up. I don't want to but I do. I can't stop it, I wonder sometimes if things did not happen in my past the way they did, would I be so timid around everything.

I want to be open, and say what I want and not worry what anyone thinks, But I can't. I constantly try to stay one step ahead, Am I sounding dumb? Is this person going to be mad at what I said? Did I say something wrong? Why are they looking at me like that?".. over and over the doubts. And to talk to a big crowd? Forget it.

It just seems maybe I have held back in my life because of fear. Fear of not being good enough. Fear of never having a family of my own. Fear of everything.

To this day I cannot remember why I did not tell someone what was going on? Why did I never say anything until years later when I feared it may start again. Why? What did he say to me? What was I scared of, besides people looking at me like I did something wrong. When it came out that my 15 yr old best friend was pregnant, her parents pressed charges. She said it was consensual between them, so he got 4 months in prison. Now he was doing this to her, apparently she was willing, me not so much. and she was supposed to be my best friend. How could I trust anyone?

I wish I would have had the nerve to speak up at that time when he was in court. I'm sure my life would be different. I probably would have more confidence and be more assertive.

I wouldn't want all of my current life to change. I love my friends and family. I would have preferred to know I had cousins before I was 27 but hey better late then never I say. (that deserves its own post)

I love Damien more then he will ever know. You see I am the type of person who loves with their whole heart. I would do anything in the world to make the people I love happy.

Again I start to ramble and look at how long this got, I got a little more in detail then I meant to and I just told people I have never met a deep dark secret of mine, but for some reason all this stuff has been on my mind, and who better then people I have never met to pour my heart out to, Because really I have no one to tell this to, and if I just get it all out I can feel better.

What I want more then anything is to forget it ever happened. Forget I was so dumb for not saying anything and stopping it.

I am almost 30. It's time to move on. I am hoping my upcoming anniversary will finally bring me a proposal, and we can get that on the way and start making babies. Because I love kids and I am not going to make the same mistakes my mom did. I can not wait to be a mom. I know it's my time.

Thank you to whoever took the time to read the whole thing. Starting a blog was really one of the best things I have done. Pictures will be back tomorrow I swear.

Shelly <3

Take me Back Tuesday (even though it is wenesday)

Totally have been slacking in the blogging lately. Will get it back on track.
I Wanted to post a quick Take me Back Tuesday. Please excuse the quality of this photo, I kinda cheated and took a picture of the old picture as I did not have time to scan it. Will upload a better one once I can actually scan the photo and it won't be so blurry.

Me age : 8 My Brother is around 1:

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Shelly <3