Monday, February 22, 2010

Take me back Tueday

It's take me back tuesday time once again.

My 8th grade school jacket.

The one thing I kept from my many childhood moves.

And again I will be 30 June 1st. and this jacket that I got when I was in 8th grade. oh so long ago,looked like it might still fit. So I tried it on..

Just a little snug but I can still put it on and snap it up.. because it is a courdoroy blue and gold school jacket, that I begged for and happily received. And I am so glad all these years later, it was something that I kept.

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Shelly <3


  1. Hey! Have given you a couple blog awards at my place, so come see! :)

  2. I always wanted a school jacket. It's fun that you kept it and it still fits.

  3. Wow, firstly you kept your school jacket.
    (when you have children you should pass it on)

    Secondly and even more impressive is that is still fits.