Thursday, February 11, 2010

Friday Night Confessions (on *Thursday).

I Think I will join in the fun over at Three Ring Circus, Tiff is starting a thing called Friday Night Confessions (on *Thursday). Much like McMammas Not Me Monday's, but on Thursdays obviously..

So here goes;

At work this week I was reprimanded for coming in 2 to 5 mins late, So I have been here at least 20 mins. early all week. and I have been done with my work by the first hour. Why I have to be here so early is beyond me, but I do what I am told

And must confess I am at work now.. but I'm done with my stuff so a quick blog post it is!

I decided yesterday it was more important to watch American Idol instead of doing laundry, those dirty clothes will be there for me tomorrow, right?

Also realized that when I went food shopping this week I did not get enough food for dinner for tonight. Instead of stopping at the store after work to pick something up, I think I will just pick up take out. Heck with Cooking!

Yea those were some pretty lame confessions. I will do better next week!

Join in the Fun over at Three Ring Circus!

Shelly <3

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  1. Glad you joined in! Not lame at all. Work is very bizarre, with their time issues. When I was nursing our shift started at 7 am but we had to be there by 6:50 and were in trouble if we weren't.