Thursday, February 11, 2010

Meow Mix : Market Select - It's like Crack for Cats..

Bet I have you wondering with that title huh?

I am not sure how many of you have pets out there but if you have ever read my blog I am sure you have seen 1 or 100 pictures of my cats. Right now I have no kids so my 3 cats are my babies, and boy do they have personality.

For as long as I had them, all 3 when they were kittens we have fed them Dry Friskies cat food. However about 6 months ago I noticed that one of them was getting sick every time he ate, I still fed him the same stuff as the other two, but he seemed to not get anything in his stomache as he would throw the whole thing up , Cat puke is not pretty...,trust me. he was starting to loss weight, I think it may be a mix of him not actually chewing the food but inhaling it and he is getting older so I though maybe he was having issues chewing them.

Getting sick of cleaning up cat throw up everyday twice a day, I decided to try to give him wet food instead and see how he did, So I started feeding just him wet food and he has not gotten sick once. So I have been separating him from the other two when they eat. I had a HUGE bag of the other food I wanted to use up first. The other 2 thought this was not fair of course, I would feed them all at the same time but the other 2 would just sit at the door and meow then as soon as he was done would race in there to finish what he didn't eat.

Tired again of having to separate them I decided the big bag o food was close to being empty so I would just give them all the wet food and save my sanity. and boy have I found a food they Love.
It's called Meow Mix Market Select
and they love it! it is seriously like crack for cats, each container is just enough for 1 serving per cat. So that would be 3 containers in the morning and 3 at night., they want more! They meow for more, I have never seen them eat something so fast. And then if I throw out the containers they will get them out of the garbage just to lick them clean. It's nuts. Sure I am spending a bit more a week now for the wet food. But they absolutely love this stuff and if I stopped giving it to them I think they would revolt. If you have a picky cat, try this brand. I think any cat would go nuts over it!

Shelly <3

*In no way am I getting sponsored by meow mix, but I wish I was I would save a ton a week! *

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  1. I hope they see your post and decide to sponsor you. I can imagine very happy cats in your house if this happened:) Jen.