Monday, March 29, 2010

I Hear Faces - Dramatic Black and White

This week at I heart faces the Theme is : Dramatic Black and White
Ever since I got my camera last June I have discovered how much I enjoy taking pictures in black and white. I Just love the way it changes the dynamic and look of a picture..

well anyway, here
is my entry for this week:

There is a couple reasons why I love this picture. One of them being that he really was not even looking at me or even knew I was taking this picture. My Boyfriend and Johnny are in a band. 

They had a show and their shows are always late. Here Johnny was just waiting out his time to go home, listening to the other act. I was upstairs on the balcony right above him. I even kinda like that you can see the balcony rail in the photo.

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Shelly <3

Saturday, March 27, 2010

Project 365.. umm.. I mean Project whenever I can..

Obvioisly I cannot keep up with Project 365 with this new schedule, so I am abondoning the project of posting a picture everyday and will just post photos when I can..Here is one for today..

                                      Buffalo Sabres 3rd jersey Logo, Taken from a jersey I have.

We here in Buffalo are hoping they make the playoffs this year and so far so good.Where I work I see alot of the sabres face to face. Seems more so now that I am at the retail store. All that I have met are really nice guys.

Good Luck Guys and Please Take us to the playoffs this year. I think Buffalo is due for a win!

Shelly <3

Thursday, March 25, 2010

Can you Help?? Spread the word..

So for a while now I have been reading an Australian blog called Three Ring Circus . I love Tiff's Photography skills and her writing at times brings tears to my eyes. Even though her and her family are all the way across the world, I wanted to do my part to get the word out, Just in case anyone reading is able to help.

Tiff has 6 kids, Yes you read that right.. She seems to be a wonderful caring mother. One of her youngest who is a twin, is Ivy. She is a mere 4 yrs old. She has been through a lot in her little life.

This curly haired little beauty seems to have a zest for life no matter what life happens to throw at her. Even though we have never met, just reading what tiff writes makes little ivy seem like a old soul.

Tiff is trying to raise money for the hospital that they stay at quite frequently. They in need for some simple things such as Beds for the parents, and a Fridge for the wonderful Nurses that help them. While I would love to donate money to their cause, I am unfortunately not very financially stable at the moment. But that does'nt mean someone else who just might happen across this blog won't want to help.

Here is her Donation Page that Tiff has Set up.. Help if you can, If not just spreading the word is help enough!

I'm Team Ivy are you??

Shelly <3

Thursday, March 18, 2010

Dear So and So...

Dear So and So couldn't have come soon enough..

.Dear So and So...

Dear Customers,
Please come and shop at this god awful store and buy something, anything. Please. I promise we have some great Sabres and Bills Stuff.
Bored out of my mind,

Dear Gumba,
I have asked you before but I will try again, Toilet paper is for us Humans. Not for you to make confetti with.
Tired of buying toilet paper,
Your human Mommy

Dear "Old" Co-Workers,
I thought we were friends, but as soon as I was moved to the retail store. No one calls me anym ore.
Thanks for nothing,

Dear "Real" Friends,
Can't wait for Girls Night tomorrow. Just a warning I am going to kick your butts at Lazertron!
Have a lot of frustration to take out.

Dear Mother Nature,
Thank you for making the weather so nice lately. It's so nice not to have to bundle up to go outside.
Loving the Sunshine,

Whew, that felt good. Head on over to 3 Bedroom Bungalow to join in on the fun.

Shelly <3

Friday, March 12, 2010

Black and White Wenesday ( on a friday)

So I was just reading back through the normal blogs that I read since my work schedule has changed I can't get on the computer as much. and I came across another Meme. So I am going to start doing this one too..

Its called Black and White Wednesday , and While I am 2 days late, I'm still going to do it..

the long road

I just recently took pictures for a local Hip Hop Show, And here are a couple of the Black and White One's I took.

I have found since I got my camera I love Black and White Pictures, so this meme should be great.

Head on over to The Long Road to China for more Black and White Pictures.

Shelly <3

Tuesday, March 9, 2010

New Job Vs. Old Job

So Mrs. C was wondering how my new position is going. It was good timing because I was going to write a post on it anyway.

So Let's Compare what I got switched to here.. My old job that I was doing since 2006.

Customer Service at the Warehouse. Then shortly after I was hired I got Assistant Manager.

I had:

A chair and my computer, I answered phone calls, I answered emails. I did our missing items, I did our lost and damaged claims, I took care of the printer supplies making sure we were always fully stocked. I helped in shipping at the end of the day because they were short handed so since im not going home til dam is done anyway, I might as well help. My hours for almost 5 yrs were Monday Through Friday 9am-5pm. Maybe working a late night or weekend here or there, if someone was sick or on vacation.

What do I have now you wonder, yesterday was my first day

Working at the retail store that gets no business, we have 2 of them. so I pretty much stand for 8 hours waiting for someone to come in. I don't have a real lunch anymore. I just have to eat quickly or not eat at all. I now have to wear a uniform, before i could wear whatever. I have no idea how many people knew this was happening now and never told me, and I still haven't been given a specific example.

Oh yea the retail store.. Well my hours are now Monday,Wenesday,Thursday ,Friday 11:30am-8pm.. and Saturday 10am-2pm. I am off Tuesday and Sunday. I hate this schedule. How can you make any plans getting out at 8 every night? This new place I am at is all the way across town from my home, So it will take me at least 35-45 minutes to get home everyday. So that puts me getting home around 9 or so. Great!

Oh yea, Me and Damien now have to buy another car. He is going to be at the warehouse still and I will be at the store. Until we can find something better we have to do it. I really want to know what I did. Before this I was never told I did anything wrong . Ever.. so that is why this is so shocking.

But I just never thought I would leave this place. I never knew I did something so wrong. I guess I am still in shock but trying to get over it. I need to focus on getting a new job. Preferably one with the same pay or more.

I haven't looked for a job in forever.. I had an in at this job. No where else will be the same. I will miss it, the people too. I made some good friends there, but I have been through leaving jobs before and no one ever stays in touch even if they say they will.

I never thought 2010 would bring me looking for a new job, and really changing our lives as we knew it. I sucks right now, But maybe soon it will be better. I have to say Damien has been amazing through all this. He has been so sweet and trying to cheer me up. It just confirms how much I love him, and under that sometimes rough exterior he is just a big cuddly teddy bear. My teddy Bear. He is keeping his cool,as we do need his paycheck to pay the bills too. He however is looking for another job also.

It was nice while it lasted, but I should have known it was too good to be true.

Don't get me wrong it could be worse and I could have no job at all. But with these hours, you would think they are trying to make me quit. Who knows, I will do the job to the best of my ability until I find something better. I just hope that something better is sooner then later.

Thanks for reading.

Shelly <3

Monday, March 8, 2010

I Heart Faces - Jump for Joy

So This week at I heart Faces the Theme is "Jump For Joy"

Over the Summer when I first got my Camera, I was playing around with the settings. I am sure some of you who have read my blog for a bit may have seen this picture, or similar ones.

Anyway.. I was playing with the continuous shot setting, and since it was a hot summer day and we were going to go swimming anyway. I decided to try it out on the boys I babysit, who are always eager subjects.

What is more Joyful then Jumping in the pool with your older brother on a Hot Summer Day!
(On a Side Note: Please hurry summer and come back soon..)

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Shelly <3

Saturday, March 6, 2010

My First Paying Gig *Pictures*

So even though yesterday sucked beyond belief I still had to go take pictures of the show.

Here are some of them..

His Name is Brownman, He is a awarded trumpet player in Canada..

There are more, but those are some of the best.. Even with me being super tired from a crappy afternoon I think they still turned out really good.

Not too bad for my first paid photography job.

Shelly <3

Friday, March 5, 2010

My Terrible, Horrible, No Good, Very Bad Day

So Happy Friday Everyone..

My Friday I thought was going to be good, We were getting an early start to the day. We were actually getting in the car a full 20 minutes before we normally do to head to work.


The car started "Bogging" down. Which means it seemed like it was not accelerating or hesitating this happened twice.

So we pulled in a gas station to check it out. It didn't seem too bad, but there was a little smoke and we know we need an oil change desperately. We drove back home and checked to see if it was still smoking, and it wasn't so we drove around home for a bit to be sure it was not going to happen again and then when we were sure it wouldn't break down and failing at getting an oil change fairly quick we went to work. Now we call before hand to let them know we were going to be late. So when we should have been at least 20 minutes early, we were an hour and a half late.

I figured ok, no biggie. The car still drives so I am not going to worry about it too much, I would be much more worried if the car wouldn't start. So everything seems ok with the car so far. Which is good.

But Then..

I get told that Our HR guys wants to talk to me.. I am worried. With all the changes lately I have no idea what could be going on. But we had a meeting a couple weeks ago and I thought that I was doing everything they wanted me to. If I wasn't no one ever told me different.

But Guess I was wrong. I was informed today that I can go and work at on of our retail stores. Or have no job. He was nice about it. But when I asked for specifics I was really given nothing. I am shocked. Really and heartbroken. I never thought this would happen.

I am the same person who works 2-3 hours extra every day when I am done with my stuff to help shipping because I know they are short handed, and Damien and his brother work there. I was never asked to. I was thanked for chipping in,for helping out when others wouldn't.

I am the same person who has been in the same position would have been 5 years in august. and no one has told me I was doing anything wrong until 2 months ago. I really don't get it. and I am crushed, I'm not going to lie.

I am sure it will all work out. But I loved this place. I really thought I was doing a good job. And why all of a sudden this change? I Don't know. I have no more set schedule, retail hours suck. I was 9-5, but I usually ended up doing 9-6or7 Monday through Friday. Now who knows. Whatever they give me. I need the job to pay the bills so I have to take it for now. But I will be looking for something better.

Just really sucks. This place was like none other I worked at, and I thought everything was great. I never thought I would leave there, Unless they shut down. Hell I watch one of the owners kid when she does not have school, at work. While still doing my job.

I really don't have anything else.. maybe I will like retail better. But I am going to miss my co workers and friends and my job. I am a creature of habit, which just got shook up and turned around..

I guess I should be thankful I still have a job, and they offered me something else. because of " All I have done for the company, and how I've gone above and beyond" apparently not enough though..

Hope everyone's Friday was better then mine, Couldn't be any worse!

Shelly <3

Wednesday, March 3, 2010

My First Paying Gig

So this Friday I am going on my first paying photography gig. Well sort of. I was *hired* by one of Damiens Friends to take pictures at a Local Show Friday night. That he is putting on.

My boyfriend is in the buffalo Hip Hop scene, not the stuff you hear on the radio. He hates that stuff. He is more Old School as he likes to call it. Damien and his best friend Johnny are Emcees. And they have a 3 man band behind them. a guitarist, a drummer who also happens to johnny's- sisters boyfriend. Did I lose you yet??? NO ok.. and a bass player,who is the one putting on this show.

I Have meant to post a video of their stuff for sometime.. Their bands name is Askew's Livematic Vibes. And Damien is the one in the Sabres Jersey.

This is a show they did in April 09..

Well anyway He is paying me $35 to take pictures at this show he is putting on Friday. They are not in this show, so while I normally take a bunch at their shows. This is the first time I am getting paid to take pictures at a show they are not in.

It's a low amount sure, but everyone has to start somewhere!

Shelly <3

Tuesday, March 2, 2010

I Heart Faces - Hilarious Outtakes

This week is a non judging week over at I Heart Faces of your Hilarious Outtakes!

I love taking pictures of my little cousin Samantha. I don't have any kids of my own yet, so when I am around her, I snap as many as possible.

She was playing with some pink bubble wrap one day and she decided to throw up the bubble wrap up in the air when I told her to Smile. This Bubble wrap was no one near her face when I went to take the picture..
Which actually turned out to be a cool picture.

*Had to add one more in here* This is Sam's 3rd Birthday Party.. Here I accidently caught her tasting the frosting with an *ahem* certain finger...

I also love taking pictures of the 3 boys I watch and they love to pose. But the best moments are when I try to get them to do one thing and they end up doing something completely different and totally boy like
Brotherly love at it's finest!

Head on over to I Heart Faces for more Hilarious Outtake Fun!

Shelly <3>

Disney Vacation 2010

I wish that I were going or went on a Disney Vacation recently, however since I currently have no plans on going or no money to get me there, I will live Vicariosly through my Little 5yr old Cousin! lol.. Samantha and her family went to Disney last Wenesday through Sunday. It was her first time there and they looked like they had a great time! Her mom Patty, Took some awesome pictures so I asked her if it would be ok to share a couple here. She has no problem with it, so all the pictures in this post were either taken by her or her her husband..

Now I call Sam a well rounded Girl. She loves all things Disney Princess's, what 5yr old little girl doesn't? But she also is into boy like things, like Swords and He-man and Thunder Cats, amoung other things.
(thank her daddy for that one!)

She loves Dress-Up but is not fond of things in her Hair. She is not a pony tail type of girl and her little bob of a hairstyle is always down. No Bows, No Pigtails. No headbands. She makes an exception for Tiaras, though. Believe me I have tried to get piggy tails on this girl and she will have none of it.

The only time I have ever seen her hair up, was at her first Dance Recital, because frankly she had no choice it had to be up away from her face. So imagine my shock when her mom posts these pictures of her at Disney..Notice she does not look amused..

But I guess it is all worth it to get to meet and eat lunch with your favorite princess in the whole wide world.
Samantha and Princess Aurora (Sleeping Beauty)

She also tried to get the sword out of the stone..
Apparently she is not destined to become King!

More to come later.. But hope you enjoyed seeing some of Disney through the eyes of a 5 yr old!

Shelly <3