Thursday, March 25, 2010

Can you Help?? Spread the word..

So for a while now I have been reading an Australian blog called Three Ring Circus . I love Tiff's Photography skills and her writing at times brings tears to my eyes. Even though her and her family are all the way across the world, I wanted to do my part to get the word out, Just in case anyone reading is able to help.

Tiff has 6 kids, Yes you read that right.. She seems to be a wonderful caring mother. One of her youngest who is a twin, is Ivy. She is a mere 4 yrs old. She has been through a lot in her little life.

This curly haired little beauty seems to have a zest for life no matter what life happens to throw at her. Even though we have never met, just reading what tiff writes makes little ivy seem like a old soul.

Tiff is trying to raise money for the hospital that they stay at quite frequently. They in need for some simple things such as Beds for the parents, and a Fridge for the wonderful Nurses that help them. While I would love to donate money to their cause, I am unfortunately not very financially stable at the moment. But that does'nt mean someone else who just might happen across this blog won't want to help.

Here is her Donation Page that Tiff has Set up.. Help if you can, If not just spreading the word is help enough!

I'm Team Ivy are you??

Shelly <3

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  1. Thank you so much for this. It makes my heart smile knowing there are friends all over the world helping us.