Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Disney Vacation 2010

I wish that I were going or went on a Disney Vacation recently, however since I currently have no plans on going or no money to get me there, I will live Vicariosly through my Little 5yr old Cousin! lol.. Samantha and her family went to Disney last Wenesday through Sunday. It was her first time there and they looked like they had a great time! Her mom Patty, Took some awesome pictures so I asked her if it would be ok to share a couple here. She has no problem with it, so all the pictures in this post were either taken by her or her her husband..

Now I call Sam a well rounded Girl. She loves all things Disney Princess's, what 5yr old little girl doesn't? But she also is into boy like things, like Swords and He-man and Thunder Cats, amoung other things.
(thank her daddy for that one!)

She loves Dress-Up but is not fond of things in her Hair. She is not a pony tail type of girl and her little bob of a hairstyle is always down. No Bows, No Pigtails. No headbands. She makes an exception for Tiaras, though. Believe me I have tried to get piggy tails on this girl and she will have none of it.

The only time I have ever seen her hair up, was at her first Dance Recital, because frankly she had no choice it had to be up away from her face. So imagine my shock when her mom posts these pictures of her at Disney..Notice she does not look amused..

But I guess it is all worth it to get to meet and eat lunch with your favorite princess in the whole wide world.
Samantha and Princess Aurora (Sleeping Beauty)

She also tried to get the sword out of the stone..
Apparently she is not destined to become King!

More to come later.. But hope you enjoyed seeing some of Disney through the eyes of a 5 yr old!

Shelly <3


  1. Looks like she had fun.

    I can't wait to take the family there one day as well....so fun!

  2. Hello Shelly,
    "Too funny with regards to posts and her name."
    So it is pronounced like this Tay-ga!

  3. Lisa,
    Lol.. Thanks! I think I was thinking Tia-ga.. or something like that.. knew that did not sound right.

    It's good to know how to pronounce her name, even if I was just butchering the pronunciation in my head..lol..