Tuesday, March 9, 2010

New Job Vs. Old Job

So Mrs. C was wondering how my new position is going. It was good timing because I was going to write a post on it anyway.

So Let's Compare what I got switched to here.. My old job that I was doing since 2006.

Customer Service at the Warehouse. Then shortly after I was hired I got Assistant Manager.

I had:

A chair and my computer, I answered phone calls, I answered emails. I did our missing items, I did our lost and damaged claims, I took care of the printer supplies making sure we were always fully stocked. I helped in shipping at the end of the day because they were short handed so since im not going home til dam is done anyway, I might as well help. My hours for almost 5 yrs were Monday Through Friday 9am-5pm. Maybe working a late night or weekend here or there, if someone was sick or on vacation.

What do I have now you wonder, yesterday was my first day

Working at the retail store that gets no business, we have 2 of them. so I pretty much stand for 8 hours waiting for someone to come in. I don't have a real lunch anymore. I just have to eat quickly or not eat at all. I now have to wear a uniform, before i could wear whatever. I have no idea how many people knew this was happening now and never told me, and I still haven't been given a specific example.

Oh yea the retail store.. Well my hours are now Monday,Wenesday,Thursday ,Friday 11:30am-8pm.. and Saturday 10am-2pm. I am off Tuesday and Sunday. I hate this schedule. How can you make any plans getting out at 8 every night? This new place I am at is all the way across town from my home, So it will take me at least 35-45 minutes to get home everyday. So that puts me getting home around 9 or so. Great!

Oh yea, Me and Damien now have to buy another car. He is going to be at the warehouse still and I will be at the store. Until we can find something better we have to do it. I really want to know what I did. Before this I was never told I did anything wrong . Ever.. so that is why this is so shocking.

But I just never thought I would leave this place. I never knew I did something so wrong. I guess I am still in shock but trying to get over it. I need to focus on getting a new job. Preferably one with the same pay or more.

I haven't looked for a job in forever.. I had an in at this job. No where else will be the same. I will miss it, the people too. I made some good friends there, but I have been through leaving jobs before and no one ever stays in touch even if they say they will.

I never thought 2010 would bring me looking for a new job, and really changing our lives as we knew it. I sucks right now, But maybe soon it will be better. I have to say Damien has been amazing through all this. He has been so sweet and trying to cheer me up. It just confirms how much I love him, and under that sometimes rough exterior he is just a big cuddly teddy bear. My teddy Bear. He is keeping his cool,as we do need his paycheck to pay the bills too. He however is looking for another job also.

It was nice while it lasted, but I should have known it was too good to be true.

Don't get me wrong it could be worse and I could have no job at all. But with these hours, you would think they are trying to make me quit. Who knows, I will do the job to the best of my ability until I find something better. I just hope that something better is sooner then later.

Thanks for reading.

Shelly <3

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  1. I *know* you are grateful you have a job and I *know* you will make the best of it. All the same, Tuesdays sound like wonderful days to go out for an interview and a late lunch with a book, yes? :)