Friday, February 12, 2010

You Capture - Work

I'm not going to lie, I totally waited until the last minute and realized I never took pictures of my Work this week. So I thought no problem, I'll bring my camera to work tomorrow and snap a few. I ran out the door this morning.. and left my camera sitting on the table. DOH! Ok, Damien has a great Idea, Just take the pictures with your iphone.. So that is what I did. If I had remembered my real camera these pictures would be so much better.


I am a customer service assistant manager, though it is really just me and my manager during the day. A another person at night and another on the weekends. so its a fairly small dept. I work at a Website based Sports/Non Sports/ Autographed stuff/gaming/jerseys,hats, you name it we have it or can get it. We also have 2 retail stores in the area. We have about 60 or so employees and a huge warehouse that we are actually moving into a bigger space very soon. Despite some hard fast changes in my dept. lately ,it really is a great place to work for. We are not very coperate, we are owned by 2 best friends who met in college and started a small card store here in buffalo. Then expanded to one of the biggest Sports/Non sports website in the world. We ship everywhere. You would be amazed how much a Baseball Card can be worth, Or for that matter a Magic the Gathering gaming card. It is Nuts! Well anyway this post is supposed to be about pictures, so here goes.

Here is where I spend 8 to 9 hours of my day.

My Computer, and the COLD window I have to sit next too in the winter, out that hallway is the door to go outside.

My Phone you can see my piture obession follows me to work. I have one of the only walls that completely cover my area, so I covered the blank wall with pictures

Since we are mainly a sports based company, and we are in buffalo, we have autographed sports items all over this is in my area

And this is in the hall, true buffalo spirit!

Here's a little tour of the warehouse:

and just some of the wide array of what we carry

We pack them up safely is tons of these every day:
Fill them with peanuts using these:

and Send Tons of these out a day of all shapes and sizes:

That is pretty much where I work. I am mainly up front, but I my boyfriend works in shipping and his brother is the shipping manager, so on Fridays, I get done with my job at 2 and I go back and help them and I do the same everyday when I get out at 5 , In the long run it works out for my I can't go home until Damien is done and if I help them we get done faster. And the faster we can go home!

Well that is basically a day at work for me.. Head on over to I should be folding laundry for my Work Pictures!

Shelly <3

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  1. Thanks for the tour of your work place. So are the signed items which are on the wall also for sale?