Friday, December 30, 2011

Christmas Review

I can't believe that tomrrow is new years eve. Where has this year gone?

We have defiantly had our ups and downs this year. I say with the exception of my dear Vision Passing it has been a pretty good year, Sure I still don't have a job. BUT I have a baby on the way and that more then makes up for anything that went wrong this year.
RIP Vision Boy.. I still miss you everyday

So Let's see Christmas was great this year, It was quiet but nice. We had a very low key Christmas but everyone had a wonderful time.

We got to meet Damien's brother new girlfriend and she is very nice. I knew I eventually being surronded by guys they would have to get girlfriends and I would not be the only girl We are happy for him, he deserves and nice girl and Erin seems very nice.

From Left to Right.. Chris,Erin,Anthony,Me and Damien
We were so happy we actually got the house done in time and it looks great! I don't know about you but Homemade gifts out trump big expensive ones anyday and I got a couple of thoughtful gifts from Damien this year..

He made me 2 things:
A frame with the Babies Name on it.. Only 4 more weeks til we can put her picture in there

A Bracelet that says Mommy <3 Leighla
He got me a couple other things also but these were the best I thought.
I also got a :
Mr.Coffee Keurig Single Serve
From my mom and step-dad which is awesome! 

35 Weeks - My mom likes to cut off my head in

Our Christmas Tree and Presents this year

The Annual Brothers Picture. there is no denying these guys are brothers.. Oldest to Youngest Left to Right

So I would say Christmas this year was a success and next year will be even better because we will have our Precious little Leighla!

Speaking of the baby, Had my doctors appointment today and everything is still great. Doesn't look like she will be early at least not according to this appointment we will see what next week brings. I now start going every week until she decides to make her appearance into the world. I promise pictures of her nursery soon. It is just about done. My mom ordered the crib and dresser today and we just have to put up some decals on her wall.. 

So all and all we had a wonderful Christmas and We can not wait to start this new year. It will defiantly be a different year for us. But we are so ready and Cannot wait to meet our little Girl! 

I hope everyone had a wonderful Holiday Season also!

Shelly <3

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  1. Just can't wait for that super-picture blog update, Shelly! Glad you had a great Christmas. :)