Thursday, December 15, 2011

Christmas Spirit

There has been a lot of talk about trying to find the Christmas spirit this year. I admit it does seem hard. Being unemployed does not give you much money to buy gifts for people. I love buying people gifts and seeing their expression when they open a great gift. This year christmas will be small but it can still be good.

We are just about done redoing our house before Christmas and the baby comes. Which is a relief, I am pretty sure Damien does not want to see another can of paint for quite a while. But on the plus side it looks really nice.

The  babies room is just about done, and we can move all her stuff into her room and start organizing it, Its been sitting in gift bags since the shower in our dining room. I can not wait to decide what we want to bring her home in and what we want her to wear for her first pictures in the hospital. 

Time is flying by and I am already almost 34 weeks. Not to much longer and she will be here. And frankly we cannot wait to meet her. We are nervous but very excited. We are ready to meet our princess.

She is still a moving machine, if babies are supposed to slow down in movement as they get bigger she obviously never got the but that is quite all right. She can move all she would like. 

I have got a total of 3 presents so far, 2 are for Damien and as all he asked for were Marvel TShirts that fit him I think he will be quite pleased. I want to get him a couple more before Christmas, also his birthday is the day after Christmas so I have to get him something special for that too.

My friend Carrie is coming over tomorrow and we are making Sponge Candy, I have never made it before so she is teaching me, which should be fun. Well Off to BINGO with my mom, Hope we win that would take the pressure of no money for Christmas gifts away immediately. But even if we don't I am sure we will have fun anyway.

More tomorrow, as my next doctors appointment is tomorrow.

Til Then
<3 Shelly

Edit to add. Guess the Christmas Spirit is out there! We were told at the beginning of the year Damien's job was not doing Christmas bonuses this year.. He just got a surprise one, which was a decent amount, while we are not going to go crazy, it defiantly takes the pressure off a bit and we can have somewhat of a better Christmas..  I am so happy for him, He deserves it, he has been going in an hour early every day without being asked to and working his butt off.. It is nice they finally gave him something in appreciation.


  1. 34 weeeeeks!! So exciting!! Please post nursery pics while we are waiting? Please?

  2. I will I promise.. It is almost done!