Monday, September 19, 2011


Hello Everyone, So what's been going on, Had my Next Docors Appointment Today, Everything looking good.. One more 4 week appointment then moving to every 2 weeks already.. 

This is flying by.. I can feel her move all the time now and it is such a great crazy feeling. I am starting to actually feel pregnant, You know what I mean I have always "Felt" pregnant but I am really starting to feel it now. I have always been a tiny person, starting this pregancy at 96 pounds at 21 weeks I am now 107. 

So gaining slowly,but the doctor said I am gaining just right and measuring fine, So just keep doing what I am doing. I am really showing now, not huge or anything but in certain clothes you can defiantly see the baby bump. Which I don't mind one bit, that is part of the joy of being pregnant.

I want to Thank Mrs C. Over at Homeschool & Ect. For my lovely little package she sent me, I love it all! 

So it has been a few days and I am missing my Vision like crazy.. He was such a good cat, it's hard to believe he's gone. One of the saddest things was our girl cat Cloud, the night he died, was looking all over the house for him.. Smelling everywhere and crying.. She has always known him here since he was here before she was.. It's like suddenly she realized she couldn't smell him anymore..It was sad and got us crying all over again. Damien Loved him just as much as I did. He really was one of a kind. But we will always have the good memories with him and at least he is in no more pain,. He did not deserve that.

I can't wait to get his ashes back, we are going to put up a picture of him next to Damien's dad who passed away in 2005. The baby may never get to know these two, but she will know all about them. And how wonderful they both were. It's sad that she will never now Damien's dad, her grandpa, but he would have been thrilled with a granddaughter.. He was a wonderful man and treated me awesome, Heart issues and Diabetes took him way to soon from us.  He would have been proud of Damien, and so proud to have a grandchild. We will be sure she knows all about him and the great man he was.. In Fact her Middle Name Marie, is for him.. Damien said He always loved the name Marie, and being he had 3 boys never got to use it.. So our baby will.

Well I guess that is it for now, No new pictures to share right now. But I promise some soon..

Til Next Time 
Shelly <3

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