Thursday, September 15, 2011


So I mentioned a couple post's back that our good friends were expecting their bundle of joy. Well that little bundle of joy also turned out to be a girl! I went to visit my friend Zoe today and her new little one Sienna Grace..

Isn't she cute...

She was so alert and good. Not fussy at all.. My little one and Sienna will get to grow up together only being 4 months apart, we are excited to have playdates when they are a little older and you know Leighla is born and all..ha ha.. No Rush though, she still has some growing to do. But it will be nice to ask Zoe stuff when I am not sure, as she will go through everything just a bit before me..

Little Sienna is so sweet. Though I love taking pictures of everything, there is just something sweet about taking pictures of sweet little babies.. they are so innocent and cute..

I am looking forward to our little girls growing up as friends, as their daddies and now mommies are.. Now the only one left in our little group is Damien's best friend.. They are trying though so who knows, soon it could be 3 little one's growing up together..The Three M's.. as all their last names just happen to end with a M.. 

Til next time

<3 Shelly

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