Monday, September 5, 2011

Picture Post

While Blogger is letting me post pics let's get them all out of the way.. Belly Pics so far.. It is slowly getting bigger.. I am currently 19 weeks now and in 2 days will find out if there is a little boy or girl in there hanging out.. Other exciting news our good friends who were actually due on Wednesday is in the hospital right now waiting for their first little bundle of joy to arrive.. unlike us they waited until the baby is born to find out if it is a boy or girl.. we defiantly can not do

Vision is hanging in there, He is eating a little more day by day and moving around a lot more then he was last week. We really thought last Thursday he was going to not wake up on Friday but he has pleasantly surprised us. We are taking it day by day but are happy to start seeing the vision we know and love.

Me and my mom went to the fair a couple weeks ago, and we bought this for the baby.. Either boy or girl will be able to wear this onesie, though it may take a bit to grow into.
Staying Well Hydrated.. lol.. I swear only one was mine!

Crazy Reindeer at the Fair, jumped up on the edge of the door.
They had a Dog Jumping Contest, the dogs would jump into a huge pool of water and whoever jumped the farthest won
One of the best things about the fair, Roasted Corn.. as you can see I devoured it in oh 2 minutes.
This is Gary the Silent Clown, he put on a show at the fair and would grab random people and kids to help with his act..
Another Great Day at the fair, Gone for another year,, and next year we will have a little baby with us along for the ride :)
Well Finally Some pictures.. Hope Blogger keeps cooperating because I will be back Wednesday with the news of what our baby will be.. 2 more days I can not wait!

Til next time
Shelly <3

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  1. WHAAAT??? Two more days?? Waah, I thought it was FRIDAY and you were going to blog results. Plop. I wanted to know now!!