Monday, August 1, 2011

People have no Respect

So there has been a string of vandalizing cars going around the neighborhood and last night they hit our street and of course Our car was one of them.

We now have a 1999 White Nissan Maxima, imagine Damien's shock when he goes to leave for work around 8:30 this morning and there is Blue Sharpie written all over our car. The hood, the trunk, the top of the car and across the Drivers Side they Write F*** You.. Though there were no stars on the car.. the whole damn word was written. And to make matters worse they flattened 2 of our tires.

One of which we just bought brand new last week.. So not a good morning at all. I will add the pics so you guys can see once I can get them off my phone and onto my computer.. It basically looked like a big V and a C, I have no idea who has been doing these things but it hit a neighboring street last week.

Luckily it was marker and not spray paint as some others got. We were able to get the marker off with some nail polish remover and the power of the Mr. Clean Magic Eraser. however it did cost us $150 that we really did not have to spend on 2 new *used* tires. 
It really aggravates me that people have no respect for other peoples property. We don't bother anyone and we work, well currently Damien works hard for the little bit of money that we do have. We did try to file a police report but they already had one filed, so either a cop came down the street and saw it or someone else called it in. I also called my insurance but only having liability it wasn't covered, and even if we did have it covered the deductible would have been more then the 2 tires cost.

So we just have to count it as a loss and go on, I really hope no one messes with our car again, not only will Damien go crazy on someone, we really have no extra money now for new tires.. Our poor  car just minding it's own business in front of our house.. 

I really hope they find this people and do something to them, I guess about 20 cars around the street were vandalized last night, last week a bunch on my cousins street luckily hers was spared...its disheartening to know there are people out there that just do not care. It was bad enough they wrote on the car and flattend 2 tires, did they really have to write swear words on it too, Thank Goodness we were able to get it off, who wants to drive around in a car with F*** You written on the side...

All is fixed for now.. I just hope it never happens again..



Today 8/8/11, I received a knock at my door, and there stood a detective.. He told me they have caught the kids who vandalized my car last week. I say Kids because it is being handed in Family Court and the paper I signed did state they were juveniles. How old exactly I am not sure, I am guessing teenagers at least. There were 2 of them, and I will have to go to family court whenever they do their case. I am guessing there are plenty other people that will be there too as they hit like 20 cars in the neighborhood. It is possible I may be able to get the money back we spent on the new tires, that would make me happy. and maybe just maybe these kids learned that vandalizing cars maybe was not such a good idea and this will scare them straight.  If I could get my money back for those tires I would be happy. That is really all I want. Yay! Justice has been served..


  1. That is terrible!! My car was broken into last may and thankfully all they stole was change and pulled the contents of my glove box out. I few streets over, all of the cars that were parked on the side of the road had their tires all slashed. What is this world coming to?

  2. I know.. These kids have nothing better to do with their time I guess. Turns out both kids are 14 years old. I go to Family Court tomorrow to get it settled.

    If they can give me the money back I paid for the tires and stay away from my car I will call it even.. We shall see how it goes.