Thursday, July 28, 2011

13 weeks

We had another OB appointment today and was lucky enough to see our little one.. The baby is very active though I can't really feel it yet, at least I think I can't being my first i'm not sure exactly what I am supposed to be feeling.. 

But all looks good, Good heartbeat, 10 fingers which it was wiggling around quite a bit and 10 toes. We saw the spine, legs, feet and head.. everything looks as it should.. She tried to find out the gender, she didn't see anything between the legs but it's still kinda early so that can change. We will know for sure on September 7th when we go for the more detailed sonogram.. But my doctor is awesome and gave us a couple pics today..

baby Hands

Feet and Legs

Side view - sorta, we saw alot better on the screen but was moving to much to get a good shot.

So All seems to be going well. It was so awesome to see the baby moving on the screen. I can't wait til September 7th,, then we will know for sure if it's a Boy or Girl.. I'll be happy with either I just want a healthy baby.. But can't lie it would be fun to have a little girl to dress up, but a boy would be just fine also. Just wouldn't be able to play with hair bows then.. lol..

Shelly <3

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  1. THANK you for sharing these perfect little pics with us all. What a blessing this lil one is gonna be!