Monday, July 25, 2011

The Name Game

I think one of the hardest descions with being pregnant is giving our baby a name.

It is something they will obviously have for the rest of their lives and an important thing to choose.

I am 13 weeks today and we are getting closer and closer to that date when we will be able to tell if our little jellybean is a boy or girl. While all we care about is a healthy baby we have been throwing around names for both genders until we find out for sure.

Now naming I thought would be fun, and it is in a way, but also hard. We have to decide on a name we both like and agree upon and sounds good with the last name Marino. We have already agreed we do not want anything to common or nothing too crazy that the kid will be made fun of. Something Unique. 

Our Trouble seems to come in Boy names, We don't want anything common so Robert, John, Richard and such names are out for us. Currently the only name we both like is Devin. And while that is a good name we would like options in case we decide Devin is not for our little one.. We just can not think of another boy name we like that is not too common.. 

Girl names seem to be no problem, we have several we like, currently we like Lily, Leyla, Leah, Brianna, and Bella, though I think we are moving farther away from Bella, everyone seems to have that name right now. Thought that was our first pick in  girls name.

So I ask you all out there.. have any suggestions on any unique boy or girl names for that matter that sound good with Marino? We need some good imput at this point.. thankfully we have plenty of time to decide, but we would like to start calling our baby by its name as soon as we can. 
you know once we can find our exactly if it is a boy or girl.

So suggest away.. I would love to hear all your ideas...

Shelly <3

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