Thursday, April 8, 2010

1 month of Retail Hell

So today marks 1 month that I have been working at the retail store instead of my customer service job at the warehouse.

and truthfully I hate it. Still.  I know how things go at the warehouse, I really do not know sportscards all that much and while I can read what we have written in a description when someone calls easily I cannot do that at a retail store with the customer in front of me.

Thank god for good people who work with me or I don't think I would last. I am still on a lookout for a better job, but until that time unfortunately back to retail hell I must go.

I hate the hours, I hate not knowing the product well enough to explain to people. I am not a pusher, I cannot push  a product I have no clue about. Maybe it wouldn't be so bad if the store actually got business but for most of the day we stand around and wait for someone to come in. If I was at the other store we have maybe time would go by faster because they are busy. We are not. People say you should be happy your getting paid to essentially do nothing. I would rather be busy then do  nothing.

I am doing the job to the best of my ability anyway no matter how much I hate it. The problem is going to be trying to find a new place that matches my pay now. because they really are overpaying me for retail work. I currently make about $12.50 an hour, though I am salery so  I do not get overtime or anything like that. The one good thing is when they switched me they did not dock my pay or anything so I am making the same as I did as the customer service assistant manager.

So far I have not found anywhere that can match my current pay. Truthfully I have not searched very hard. I have been a tad bit depressed over this. I still question everyday what exactly did I do to get me here?? No one really ever told me a definite reason. I just want a reason so I can stop thinking about it and move on.

I could accept something with lower pay, but it took me a long time to get to this point and I really do not want to go backwards. Maybe I will explore other options in employment. I always said I would have loved to work in a day care or something. I am wonderful with children and they make me happy.

It would be a drastic change, but maybe that is what I need. A change.

 It can't be any more then retail. I never want to work in retail again. That I know.

Shelly <3


  1. Maybe you should propose marriage and then be the stay at home wife! Worked for me. :)

    (((hugs))) I wish it were that easy but I know it's complicated and it stinks. Still praying for you and Damien. Wow you guys look so cute together in that header pic!

  2. Awww Shelly you just don't sound happy in this post.

    Maybe it is time for a change, do what you love and love what you do! Perhaps you should work in a daycare you would be a fantastic asset and the children would love you!