Thursday, April 15, 2010

I'm gonna be in a movie.. kinda..

So Let's see what have I been up to?

Well Pretty Much nothing. I know exciting.

I Really need to pick my camera back up and start taking pictures. Now that the weather has been wonderful here in Buffalo. It's time to get out and capture the season.

One cool thing I can report is.... about 3 weeks ago, a friend that I really never hung out alone with asked me if I wanted to go with her to be a extra in a movie being shot by a guy who she went to high school with. They are going to have a preimere and everything downtown in august.

So being very curious about the behind the scenes of pretty much everything I said sure why not. I was shocked to begin with that she asked me and only me out of our group of 6. Secretly I think it was for the ride, but whatever I'll take it.

The scene I was in was shot at a fancy restaurant/banquet place here in buffalo called Salvatore's. Basically we stood around a lot and waited for them to tell us what to do. I mean it's no High Budget film but it was cool anyway. We stood by the steps in one scene and just was told to pretend to talk.In another we just stood by the bar and pretended we were drinking something which was actually Gatorade but 2 of the main characters in the movie was standing directly behind us, and shooting towards us. So there is a very good chance I will be in that part.

Then they said ok pair up boy/girl. We just stood there. uhhhh... So he started pairing people up. You and you.. And you go with him. And you pointing at me, with him. One of the main guys in the movie.. Ookkk.. We were shooting a dance scene. So there we are pretending to dance, so hand in hand he was joking. So wonder what kind of music they are going to play. Because there was none. he also joked I hope everyone is going about the same speed. and laughing at the other guy in the movie who was shooting a funny scene.

Then the camera came over to us. ummmm... I am only supposed to be an extra here..Camera in my face he tells me, Put your arms around his neck... You love him, You love him. Smile.. Great...
and they move on and we separate into the hand in hand dancing we were just doing. So I now have a very good chance to be scene in this movie.

Oh by the way this movie is Called Seasons of the Heart - There is not much on the site right now, But I hope they update it soon.

Here is the Description on the Movies Website: Seasons of the Heart is based on a true story written by Angelo LoGalbo.  In an age full of divorces, separations, and unhappy marriages the timing couldn’t be more perfect to tell a tale of true love; disproving to all the skeptics that true love really does exist.  Seasons of the Heart is a romantic drama/comedy that will feature the four seasons of Western New York and the hidden treasures of its community as the backdrop for this heart wrenching passionate love story.

From what I can tell seeing the short bits I did. It looks funny. The scenes I am going to be in revolve around the high school reunion and a classroom scene at a local high school.  That I am going to be doing this sunday. He asked if I wanted to be in another part and I said Sure why not! and I am bringing my friend with me. So even if I am not seen, which I am pretty sure I will be.

 Now can say I was an Extra in a movie. Even if it is a locally made movie.

Shelly <3

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