Friday, March 11, 2011

On the Job Front..

  So I still have not found a job, however a friend needed a babysitter, once a week for her 3 little one's and it pays $10 an hour. I am there from about 9am-6pm.  Eli is 3 and he goes to preschool for 3 hours out of the day and then there are the Twins. Ethan and Evan, they are 22 months old. They are all very cute little boys.
From Left to Right : Evan, Ethan and Eli
Here is Evan above in giggles as I tickle him, They just started really talking, so who knows what he's telling me but it's important to him.. lol...
Double Trouble

They really are good boys. Toddler's really are fun, (*Most* of the time)

So until I get a real job, these three little guys are my job, at least once a week.

Shelly <3

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