Monday, August 10, 2009

Need Help Decideing..

So, I do I heart Faces entries every week. This week is silly face and Pets. But the Pets doesn't really have to be a pet, more of an animal category. I am still looking for a silly face picture to enter..However I have decided to go outside my normal entry of one of my cats or my mom's dog, with this crazy lemur that I took pictures of at our local zoo, it must have been over 5 year ago.WOW has it really been that long since I have been at the Zoo? I really need to get there before the summer ends..

Anyway this purpose for this post is I am having trouble deciding which picture of Mr. Lemur to enter and would like your opinion.

Should I enter this one:

or this one:

They are both funny. It was a very hot day when we went, and I love that this little guy was just chilling out on a rock looking very human like.

So which one do you think??

Shelly <3

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