Friday, August 14, 2009

Photography on the Brain

Ever Since I have gotten really into Photography I find myself looking at things from another prospective. Oh that could be a cool picture pops up in my head daily. So much so Damien told me this morning I should just take me camera with me whenever I can since I say it so much.. :O) ..

I have also discovered Clouds are awesome to take pictures of, they don't wiggle or try to get away from the camera, they just stay in the sky begging for their picture to be taken, and I will be happy to be the one who does.. I have taken a couple cool shots today but have them on the camera and not the computer yet.

However here is one I took with my phone.

No I was not driving when I took it, Damien was!

In other news the American Idol Live Concert is tomorrow night and I can't wait to snap some pictures and hear them sing of course!

Shelly <3

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