Monday, January 23, 2012

Still Hanging out..

Had another doctors appointment today. Baby Girl is still hanging out.. It's close.. Just waiting on her now.. They did an sonogram and she is in the right position, Has the perfect amount of fluid around her still and is just kinda hanging out there.. She can come at any time. But I do have an appointment scheduled for the 31st if she doesnt make her appearance before then. 

At that point we will talk about induction, Just hoping she comes before that though. I would much rather her come on her own.. Like Now would be good. I can not really complain I have had a easy pregnancy, but am getting more uncomfortable by the day as she gets lower and lower.
Come on Baby Girl! You can do it.. Come on into this world, Mama and Daddy are ready for you as is both your Grandmas and everyone else waiting on you too.

Fingers crossed its within the next couple days, I really want to see what she looks like and hold my little princess..
I'll keep you all updated!

<3 Shelly

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  1. Now would be great!! My daughter was born on the 25th. :)