Wednesday, September 15, 2010

2 Days...

In 2 days (Friday afternoon around 4 to be exact) Our friends from PA are coming to visit! I can not wait! I love them all so much and have not seen them in about a year. They are staying until Sunday most likely. Michelle has work Monday and Lexi Kindergarten, so it will be a short visit. But a visit none the less!

Michelle ( same age as me well almost her birthday is in November)

My Mom met them online, at and she became really good friends with them last year. I went down with her to PA last September to meet them and we all just hit it off so well. We are long lost family. Seems like we were meant to meet.

and this little girl above is my heart! I love her so much.. She calls me "Her" Shelly. And from the moment they get here she will be attached to my side. I don't mind, I'm kinda fond of this little munchkin.

So that means come Monday I should have lots and lots of pictures to share. Since it is still pretty nice out, we are planning on taking them to the Buffalo Zoo, possibly the Science Museum and anything else we can squeeze in. Last year they came for Halloween and it was really cold out by then so we couldn't do much outside. We went to the aquarium the last time, the bounce house and Chuck E Cheese.

I also plan on taking her to the park to play maybe picking up Sam and take them both, they are around the same age with Sam being a little older.

Look next week for lots of fun photos!

til next time

Shelly <3

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