Friday, October 2, 2009

Girls Night Tonight!

Tonight is Girls Night, We try to do a girls night at least once a month, it gets a little harder when the holidays roll around as no one has the extra money. I had to miss the last 2 girls night's, due to work and weddings. But Tonight we are going to a Hibachi Place. While I am not a huge fan of oriental food It will be interesting to see them cut up all the stuff in front of us and you better believe I will have pictures to share!

On another note I think it is adorable that Damien just came up to me all excited that Johnny is back in town, He was the one who just got married and him and his new wife went on their honeymoon from Monday thru Thursday this week. I do not think He and Damien have been apart this long ever. Johnny is at our house 5 days out of the week! So I too am glad johnny is back. Hope they had a great honeymoon!

Shelly <3

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  1. Second time trying to post a comment!!! It's difficult today.

    ANNNNYway... hope you had a fabulous time. I would really like to see those pictures if you got around to taking them. :]