Monday, October 5, 2009

Habatchi Grill

So Girls Night was great last friday. The Habatchi was an awesome time. We had a great Hibatchi Chef who made the experience great, and who knew you got so much free Saki while they cook. He kept squirting it in our mouths. It was a lot of fun, here are some pictures as promised.

"Joe" our Hibatchi Chef

I did't catch it on Camera but he was tossing a Raw Egg in the Air:

Most of us ordered Steak, Joe said this was Japanese A1 and A2 (Ginger and Honey Mustard)

Onion Volcano

and last but not least Saki Pictures:

Alissa's Mom came with us this time, we have renamed her Saki Mama.

Mother and Daughter

Oh yeah the Final Product which was quite Yummy

and Desert. I normally do not get desert but what the heck everyone else was. And All this only came to $25. So not really bad at all.

A great experience I would defiantly do again!

Shelly <3

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