Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Take me Back Tuesday

This Picture of the Customer Service Department taken at my work for a Company flyer back in 2007.. as you can see I was the only girl and still am. However from all those people there is only me, the guy behind me and the guy on the far right in the front with the striped shirt on left at the company. Everyone else was either fired or let go.. 1 for watching porn on the job.. yup you read that right. My old boss apparently watched porn in his office all day. No wonder I was doing all the work! Another was let go for stealing from the company, he was my coworker, I found out and had to turn him in...It sucked but you can't steal thousands of dollars from a trusting company and get away with it. the other's were just let go because of hard times last year.. Now my department is run by me and the 1 other guy during the day. It was quite stressful for a time but we have it all worked out now..

Shelly <3

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  1. WOW, it's wild to look back. Porn & stealing, that is crazy!