Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Stealing an Idea from a Fellow Buffalo Blogger

So a fellow Buffalo Blogger Melanie over at whimsical creations posted pictures from the October storm we had 3 years ago yesterday, I have some photos of my own. I could only find 3 on my work computer but I do have more at home I may add later! It was not a fun week, we were without power but only for 1 day but went a week without Cable and Internet, and anyone who knows me knows T.V. is my life so I was going crazy. It could have been a lot worse. The worst thing that happened to us was the pole in front of our house cracked at the top. I have pictures of that at home I will add later. But to just give you an idea at what we were working with..

The Street looked like this

A couple Houses down from mine..

and just because I don't have all the Storm pictures, here are some of Niagara Falls from a couple years ago - These were taken from a Hot Air Balloon (they had one set up and tethered to the ground and it only went up so high) on the American side, so they are not that great.

If you want to see Melanie's Pictures from that day , Head on over to her Blog whimsical creations @
(I really wish I could figure out how to post an actual link to the post instead of the URL. but check it out anyway. She always has crafty things on her blog and her Pictures are also great)

Shelly <3

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  1. That storm took down so many beautiful trees.

    What beautiful photos of Niagara Falls!

    Thank you for the linky love. =D