Friday, November 19, 2010

This and That

So what has been going on..So a couple weeks ago we are spending a lazy Saturday in the house. Doing pretty much nothing. You need those days sometimes, Our friend was coming over as he does almost every Saturday. However when he got he, he called us up from outside, seems someone side swiped our car in the middle of the night..Since we did not leave the house yet we had no idea.
Luckily it was this dent and the headlight only that was damaged

Cost us $75 to fix the headlight, we can care less about the dent
 So that's fun right? Your car getting smashed and you not even knowing. Oh well what are you going to do. Then the week after I heard a loud bang and ran out on the porch to see what was up. I see a Red Jeep SUV come from the side street and run right into the neighbors front porch and bust into flames. It was interesting to say the least, if the car swerved at all it would have been my car it was that close. The cops were there for hours, We wondered exactly what was going on. Turned out the guy  had 100lbs of marijuana in his car, and set the car on fire himself just before jumping from the moving vehicle.  Click  Here to read the article from our local paper.. Crazy..

In other news Damien has gone back to work full time. The place we both got laid off from called him last week and asked him if he would consider coming back. He was'nt going to take it just because of the way they let both of us go at the same time. It could have been done differantly. However quite frankly we need the money. Going from a 2 full time income family to a no income family is not easy. Sure we got and I still get unemployment but it really is nothing more then enough for me to pay most of my bills.

I have a wedding to plan for. I am very proud of him for sucking up his pride and going back, If this happened a year ago I could never see him doing it. But he went back full time, so we have some kind of income coming in and we can plan our wedding. I really do love this man.

Me on the other hand is still looking, I have applied at a couple places that look promising so hopefully something comes through soon. Besides that nothing much is going on. My cold is gone . Thankfully.. for a while I thought that stuffy head was going to kill me.

I promise to be more consistant with the posts. Till next time

Shelly <3

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  1. Damien IS awesome. What a shame about the car, though!