Friday, February 20, 2009

Give me a break already..

Sometimes my mom drives me nuts!

Now don't get me wrong, I love my mom but at times they (meaning my mom and step-dad) just need to back off and let me live my life, I am almost 29 for crying out loud. Yes they do help us out sometimes, and I appreciate it fully. But I don't need lectures at 28.

My car had a flat tire this morning, sometime yesterday we must have ran over a huge screw, and when we went to leave this morning the tire was flat. Yeah , that's the kind of luck I have..

So me and Dam live upstairs from my mother and step-father, and they have 3 cars , so when something like this happens I call them up and ask for help. Really all I wanted was to borrow one of the cars so we could get to work, However Bob (my step-dad) offered to take my keys and get the tire fixed while I was at work. Great ! Thanks bob, Which he did for me and called and everything was fine.

So I let Dam drive to work it's snowy and blowing so he is better at it then me, Apparently they mostly my mom did not like that so she called complaining, I explained why he was driving so whatever. Then I get a call from bob telling me the cars fixed, Great I asked him how much I owed him so I could get it out before I get home. And my mom is complaining in the back round,, and am being asked why I did not call was I just not going to go to work.. I called 3 times and no one answered so I figured being 8:13 am, they were sleeping and I would try again in a little bit, Bob ended up walking the dog and saw the flat and called me up. So I told him what was going on.

There was no need for you can't just give up, what you weren't just going to go to work., So what if I decided to stay home, (which I wasn't . I did not even have my coat off yet for crying out loud) . Its my job, I have time I can stay home if I want . what is it to them?

Just aggravating, I love them both to death but sometimes my mom needs to realize that I'm an adult, I pay my bills, my rent and hardly ever take a day off. Back off and let me live my life..

Sometimes I wish we never moved in above them.. and other times its a blessing.. I just don;t know..

Tomorrow hopefully will be better!

Shelly <3

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