Monday, February 16, 2009

Last Week ...

Yes I am back.. Took a couple days off of blogging, trust me Friday the 13th was all week for me last week.

First Monday I go food shopping while my "D" finishes up work, I get to Aldis just fine, finish my shopping in record time and go to leave,my car starts just fine..then as I'm trying to drive out of the parking lot it dies. Oh No! Just what I need a dead car and a grumpy D..Not a fun night. In his defense he really did handle it well. Usally I have a case of the "Hulk" on my hands when something like this happens. So luckily D's Brother works at the same place we do, so he comes out and tries to help me. He gets the car started and tries to drive it back to work since,work is like 2 minutes down the street.. unfortnatly he does not make it. It dies completely. Great! So he sends me back to work to get the tow straps or whatever they are called. Hooks them up to my car and his and slowly pulls my car behind his back to work. It sits there for a day then we get it towed to the mechanic to get fixed. Go figure as soon as it gets to the mechanic it starts! We still have him look it over and he thinks it may be the fuel filter. Ok we will try it, $40 and the car seems to be fixed and working, Great! We go pick it up and drive back to work. I luckily had my mom's other van to get back and forth to work in. So I drive home that night alone D is going to drive the car home, I get just about home when I get a call.. The car won't start again. Great! Now I drive back to work to pick him up and we call the mechanic again. Tell him whats going on , He says must be the Fuel Pump.. Great! We take it back to the mechanic on Thursday and he gets to it on Friday. $250 and knock on wood the car still seems to be running good and starts right away. So $290 later my car is fixed. But hey what can you do you need a car to get around and we had to get it fixed. Luckily we had some money put to the side. That took up all our savings but hey we will just start over. I do have to commend myself and D for staying calm. He's usally the Hulk and i'm crying.. Neither happened this time. Which is good!

Now on to Valentines Day, Valentines Weekend was actually a good one this year. My Guy thinks that Valentines day is a "made up holiday" but I did get a present this year.. ring yet,but our 8 year anniversary is next month, so maybe..

I got 2 new Jodi Picoult Books which is just fine with me.. I got him a Marvel Hardcover, and we got Calamari from Carrabas Take Out.. I know romantic are'nt we. :O)

Till Next Time

Shelly <3>

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