Friday, January 30, 2009

Time To Interduce my Fur-Babies

Yea.. It's Friday, No work for the next 2 days!!!

So as my 1 follower may have read I have no kids yet, Though I love kids to death and I am very good with them,for the time being my 3 cats are my kids. I am a big animal lover. My mom used to always say I would bring home a skunk if she would have let me.. ha ha..

So without further hesitation here are my Fur-Babies

Vision- He is our scardy cat, whenever someone comes over he will be the first to run and hide. However he is also our lovey guy who loves to cuddle and is my shadow, he will follow me anywhere I go.. He also Loves to have his name Sung to him he will come running wherever he may be in the house..

Cloud - Our only Girl.. She is our sweet but determined Girl. She loves to cuddle but only on her terms..

And Last but certainly not least our
little Gumba- He is the crazy kitten of the house. Born on the 4th of July 2008, he sure is a firecracker.. You will almost always see him running at top speed through the house attacking everything in sight.. In a playful way of course!

I love my cats with all my heart, I pretty much love everything whole heartedly which can get your heart broken a lot of the time.. But right now things are good..

Until Next time

Shelly <3

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  1. Preeeetty cats. We have a cat, too, and sometime I will have to repost what she looks like in the leather outfit my husband made for her.

    Mm. Yeah, she's a biker "cat." (Not being a dog and all LOL)